Traditional Tiffins Get A Modern Twist: Food Subscription Services To Use In Delhi

Good health gets a bit more hard to maintain, though, if you happen to be living alone and with a lack of time to spare for a home-cooked meal. So, join us as we bring you some of the best meal subscription plans to use as your saviour.

Published On Oct 01, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Delhi being the national capital, is one of the major cities that people shift base to, in search of better opportunities. Leaving behind the comfort of their homes, the main goal of most people is to achieve their goals. This priority often leaves them little to no time to achieve a balance in their lives. As people strive to excel in their professional lives, their personal lives take a toll. One of the first areas to take the hit is health. Having a balanced, healthy meal that is home-cooked is the last thing one can find time for. Whether it is sheer exhaustion after a long day or never-ending responsibilities, most of the time, people living alone settle on having fast food or quick alternatives that do not take too much time and effort. This eventually results in bad health.

Thus, to battle this insistent problem and ensure that people easily balance their busy professional responsibilities while also ensuring a healthy lifestyle overall, several ventures have popped up over the years that offer meal plans that one can sign up for. These meal plans are made with the sole purpose of providing a healthy meal that is always readily available to people, no matter how busy they might be. Read on as we explore the best of them, as they ensure the health of their customers in the most delicious way, one meal at a time.

Delhi’s top food subscription services to use for all food services 

This cloud-kitchen establishment aims to bring people meals that are high in nutrients but also light on the pocket. Believing that clean, home-cooked food is something that should be accessible to everyone, Healthylicious Kitchen comes up with the best meal plans that will have you marvelling at the delectable taste while also ensuring a balanced, nutritious meal for you. They offer customizable plans as well to make it even better, while also taking all dietary requirements or preferences into note with their well-thought-out menu.
Starting cost: Rs 1825 (approx.) for a five-meal plan
Where to subscribe: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

As their very name suggests, this is also an establishment that believes health is what comes first, always. With a range of traditional Indian delicacies as well as well-loved international food dishes, they help you achieve just that. With the help of their in-house nutrition expert, they expertly devise meal plans for people while taking in all sorts of dietary, medical and other criteria. The dedication to ensuring the best of their customers’ health can be ascertained by their meal plans that range from weight loss/gain focus to clean, detox diets.
Starting cost: Rs 3690 (approx.) onwards for a ten-day detox meal plan
Where to subscribe: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website or through Zomato

Lucknowi Tiffin was started when the owner discovered the gaping lack of delicious, home-cooked food available for people who do not always have the time to cook their meals from scratch. The goodness of a home-cooked meal that will have you feeling nostalgic about all the delicacies you have grown up eating will have you licking your fingers. The best part about this tiffin service is that they offer all these delicious, home-cooked meals while ensuring the highest quality of all ingredients involved, thus ensuring a healthy and tasty meal.
Starting cost: Rs 390 (approx.) onwards for a three-meal plan
Where to subscribe: Book your meals as per your requirements here or through their app

Spread across pan-India, Food Darzee is the saviour of many, many people living away from home, unable to always find time to make their favourite foods for themselves. Food Darzee recognizes the importance of being healthy, more so when you are living alone. This is why they take extra care while offering you their seat meal plans or even customised plans, as per their nutritionist’s suggestion. Therefore, with their range of several meal plans that are structured to fit all food needs, even if someone is following a specific kind of diet as per their requirements, this food subscription service is one of the best to avail for a healthy and scrumptious meal plan.
Starting cost: Rs 8876 (approx.) onwards for a two-week meal plan
Where to subscribe: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

With a firm belief that food can be equally delicious while packing necessary nutrients, Nutrio Box with its vast menu is one of the best out there. What sets them apart is that they take hot favourite recipes that are known to be delicious but low on the health scale, and create a version that is as healthy as it is tasty. This outlet, with its range of continental, Italian, and more food dishes, is the perfect choice if you want to include all your favourite foods in your daily diet but in a healthy way.
Starting cost: Rs 2278 (approx.) onwards for different meal plans
Where to subscribe: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website or through Swiggy or Zomato

Lyt Meals is one of the most popular food subscription meal plan services in the Delhi NCR region. Providing people with the comfort of homely food that is reminiscent of their favourite recipes, Lyt Meals is one of the best services to avail for an affordable yet quality meal plan that helps you ensure your diet is a wholesome balance of taste and being healthy.
Starting cost: Rs 105 (approx.) for a three-day one-meal plan
Where to subscribe: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

Another establishment that offers its meal plan services across India, Eatfit brings some of the most well-balanced meals to include in your daily lifestyle. Specially curated plans to ensure the best of meals in every way, Eatfit, with its focus on a balanced meal plan is one of the healthiest food subscription services out there.
Starting cost: Rs 828 (approx.) onwards for a seven-day one-meal plan
Where to subscribe: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

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