Exploring Top Restaurants in Lower Parel

Discover gastronomic wonders in Lower Parel at the top restaurants – Slink & Bardot, Ishaara, Smoke House Deli, and more.

Published On Dec 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Lower Parel, a lively area that pulsates with vitality and offers a variety of dining experiences that enrich the city's culinary scene, is tucked away in the frenetic core of Mumbai. We reveal the culinary gems of Slink & Bardot, Ishaara, Smoke House Deli, Butterfly High and The Bombay Canteen—a group restaurants in lower parel that appeal to fastidious palates—in this culinary adventure.

Slink & Bardot/Facebook 

Slink & Bardot, situated in Lower Parel, stands as an epitome of globally renowned culinary excellence and a distinguished bar destination. Indulge in an opulent experience as you leisurely partake in their meticulously curated Sunday brunches, accompanied by an array of delectable cocktails. 

The noteworthy culinary highlights encompass the Charred Brassica, Miso Aged Sliced Steak, Porcini Toffee Pudding, Roasted Beet & Cherry Tomato Salad, Lobster Roll, and the enticing Melon Sundae, collectively representing a culinary journey that transcends conventional expectations.


The distinctive nature of the dining experience at Ishaara lies in its operation by a personable staff, all of whom possess hearing and speech impairments. Notably, their expansive Indian menu offers a compelling exploration of culinary delights, encompassing a spectrum of regional cuisines. From the savoury delights of North Indian delicacies to the cherished favourites of Bengali cuisine and the indispensable must-haves from Kolhapur, the menu showcases a diverse range.

The highlighted recommendations from their exclusive menu include the Flourless Brownie, Dahi Puri, Grilled Chicken Steak, delectable Seafood dishes, various Chaat options, and the quintessential Dal. 

Smoke House Deli/Facebook 

Renowned among many, Smoke House Deli stands as an eminent establishment in Lower Parel, celebrated for its status as one of the premier cafes in the area. Distinctively, the eatery prides itself on its culinary offerings crafted from locally sourced, health-conscious, and organic ingredients. Whether it be the scrumptious burgers or vibrant salads, each dish presented at your table exudes an unparalleled freshness. A culinary sojourn at Smoke House Deli remains incomplete without indulging in the delightful array of desserts that the establishment has to offer. 

The best offerings of the restaurant encompass the enticing Chocolate Overload Pancakes, Smoke House Toasted Onion & Super Seed Bagel,the delectable BBQ Chicken Wings and the nostalgically comforting Old School Masala & Salli Omelette.

Butterfly High/Facebook

Butterfly High, recently unveiled restaurant in Lower Parel, has swiftly garnered favour among patrons. Not only does the restaurant proffer an unparalleled gastronomic journey, but it also envelops its visitors in a profoundly tranquil ambiance. 

The must try delectable dishes of the restaurant include the aromatic Kerala Veg Stew,  Arancini Balls, the flavorful Masala Fried Prawns, the enticing Exotic Crispy Veg Bao, and the delectable Butter Chicken accompanied by Mini Kulchas. Additionally, the meticulously crafted bar menu presents an array of cocktails, extending an invitation to delve into novel flavours and intriguing ingredients.

The Bombay Canteen/Facebook 

The Bombay Canteen, widely regarded as a favoured establishment, is an indispensable dining experience when sojourning in Lower Parel. Their culinary repertoire features a selection of Indian delicacies creatively presented to patrons. Each gastronomic encounter unfolds as a delightful surprise, accompanied by an assurance of profound gratification. 

In the esteemed ranking of Asia's 50 Best Bars for 2023, The Bombay Canteen secured the notable 35th position, underscoring its distinction. A visit is incomplete without an exploration of their libations menu, featuring tantalising cocktails such as the Spicy Gimlet, Espresso Martini, Stolen Kiss, and Canteen Negroni.

Highlighted among the culinary treasures are the Chilled Sea Bass Sev Puri, Butter Garlic Crab Kulcha, Roasted Sweet Potato Tokri Chaat, Millet Upma, Laal Saag Burrata, and the indulgent Coffee Rasgulla Sundae.

Photo: Smoke House Deli/Facebook