The Ultimate Biryani Guide: 7 Must-Try Places In Bengaluru

Embark with us on a delectable journey to uncover the best biryani spots in Bengaluru.

Published On Jul 05, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Biryani, a dish that is the mass favourite of people all over India (and has gained tremendous popularity worldwide), irrespective of whether they live in North India or South India, can justifiably be called a dish that essentially brings people together. With many types of biryani available all over India, be it Hyderabadi biryani, Lucknowi biryani, Kolkata biryani, Andhra biryani and several other examples, you will find every version of this delicacy to be equally liked by a vast majority of people.

Bengaluru has seen people from different cultures and places come to settle down in this bustling city and has thus become a cultural hub, along with being known as the IT hub of India. Therefore, you will find that the food of Bengaluru, while still loaded with South Indian delicacies, has also started adapting to other tastes from cultures across India. One such dish that has become an instant hit in Bengaluru is biryani. A one-pot meal, it's the perfect balance of being mess-free food, while serving a burst of tantalising flavours in every bite. It has become such a loved delicacy that the locals say that a person is bound to find success if they open a biryani-selling eatery anywhere in Bengaluru. Now, that’s saying a lot. Let’s dig into the best spots to catch some biryani in Bengaluru.

Famous for its donne-style biryani and the mandya biryani, this place has been a cult favourite among Bengaluru people for a long time. Maintaining its iconic standing as one of the last few military hotels serving amazing food at feasible prices, people from all over Bangalore come all through the week to experience this nostalgic treat. This one is justifiably counted among the places serving famous biryani in Bengaluru.
Price for two: Rs 450 (approx.)

Empire Restaurant might just be the most famous name that comes to people’s minds in Bengaluru when they think of biryani. Extremely famous for its chicken biryani, this restaurant has been declared a must-visit while on the hunt for some famous biryani in Bengaluru. Although the restaurant has several outlets in Bengaluru, the one in Indiranagar is said to be the most loved one.
Price for two: Rs 950 (approx.)

This biryani joint has been around for at least a hundred years or so. Introduced to the people of Bengaluru in the 1890s, this one eatery has gained the status of being an icon. Currently handled by the fourth generation of the family that started the business, Ambur Star Biryani has now grown from being a humble biryani eatery to now owning several outlets across the city, with the BTM outlet known to be the most famous. The taste of the biryani, however, is said to be still the same, despite its century-long history. Seraga chicken biryani and its mutton variant are worth trying.
Price for two: Rs 850 (approx.)

Meghana Foods is another name that cannot be left behind when you think about trying the famous biryani in Bengaluru. It is famous for its Andhra-style cooked chicken biryani, paneer biryani, etc. Serving people delicious biryani for a long time, the eatery has grown to several outlets across the city. The Indiranagar outlet is, though, known as the best among locals. 
Price for two: Rs 1000 (approx.)

A quite famous name in the Bengaluru biryani circle, Paradise has been serving delicious Hyderabadi-style biryani for quite a few years. A hot favourite that has quickly won over the people, the restaurant is especially famous for its Hyderabadi chicken, vegetarian and mutton biryani. Expanded across several outlets, its first outlet that still stands tall in Indiranagar remains the most loved. This place is the first suggestion locals have when in the mood for authentic Hyderabadi biryani. 
Price for two: Rs 800 (approx.)

A famous Andhra-style chain of restaurants, Nagarjuna is a well-known name when it comes to famous biryani in Bengaluru. Their biryani is reminiscent of the delicious flavour found in Andhra-style food, especially the spice. Therefore, it is a favourite destination for people who love fiery biryani. The Andhra chicken biryani and mutton biryani are known to be their best dishes and are considered must-try. Although the chain has several outlets, the ones on Residency Road and in Shanti Nagar are its most famous outlets.
Price for two: Rs 950 (approx.)

Famous for preparing their biryani in a handi, this restaurant has become a favourite among the local people. They pride themselves in bringing the authentic taste of the quaint lanes in Lucknow to the buzzing Bengaluru. Known to exclusively prepare biryani the handi way, Gramin already has a loyal following to boast of. Worth a visit, their handi biryani and the Gramin biryani are the most famous biryani items on the menu.
Price for two: Rs 1200 (approx.)

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