Sona Kitna Sona Hai': Chef Ranveer Brar Creates 24K Gold Tadka Dal

Ever heard of dal being served with 24-carat gold? Chef Ranveer Brar brings to you the famous delicacy •

Published On Mar 26, 2024 | Updated On Mar 26, 2024


Well have you come across a cuisine that not only has an array of spices but also has gold? You may have heard of gold-plated cutlery which sounds familiar but imagine taking it to the next level of consuming 'sona'. This extraordinary innovation comes in the form of what some people may call as 'opulent' dal. Social media users cannot stop talking about celebrity chef Ranveer Brar’s  dal dish that comes with a 24-carat gold tadka. Chef Ranveer has taken Dubai's culinary landscape to another level, by adding a touch of gold in his first restaurant in the city, Kashkan that opened last year. The Indian rendition of the dal is called Dal Kashkan

The footage of the gold-dusted dal was posted on an Instagram food page named Street food recipe. The video showcases the manager of the restaurant revealing their majestic Dal Kashkan, which is prepared with 24-carat gold, exotic spices, ghee and crafted with a lot of care. The clip shows gold-dusted tadka being served in a separate bowl with the dal. During the serving ritual ceremony, the 'gold' tadka is poured over the dal before the guests. 

In an interview with a publication, Brar had said, "Each shimmering speck tells a story of fusion, inviting guests to indulge in a culinary dish that transcends borders and embraces the spirit of both India and Dubai,” explains Chef Ranveer Brar, the visionary behind not just the famed Daal but the entire KashKan restaurant in Dubai.“ The idea was to amalgamate the richness of Indian cuisine [Daal] with the vibrancy of Dubai [Gold]". The unique recipe of the dal created a stir on social media. One user commented, "What’s the end result. Gold nuggets!? Then it’s worth eating". Another one commented, "So this dal was preserved in this ‘Sanduk’ for how many years ???” 

Meanwhile, if you are wondering about the safety of consuming gold, according to a report by News 18, edible gold when used as a garnish or a decorative element is safe in small quantities. It goes through the digestive track without getting absorbed. However, moderation is important as consuming large quantities may not be advised.

Note- (The information provided here regarding the consumption of gold is based on scientific knowledge. Therefore, it's recommended to seek advice from qualified healthcare professionals for personalized guidance on dietary decisions and health-related matters).

Photo: Instagram/streetfoodrecipe