Ramyun And More: Exploring The Delectable Taste Of Popular Korean Food Brands

Korean culture has taken over the world and how! Join us as we traverse the world of Korean cuisine through some famous Korean food brands available in India.

Published On Sep 25, 2023 | Updated On Jul 07, 2024


The influence of South Korean culture has made a global impact, reaching people from all corners of the world. Whether it's the captivating K-dramas, catchy K-Pop tunes, or the delightful flavours of Korean cuisine, South Korean culture has firmly embedded itself in our lives. One reason for its widespread appeal might be the refreshing change it offers. Familiar tastes can become repetitive, making the bold and mouth-watering South Korean flavours a welcome addition to our culinary experiences. The relatively uncharted territory of Korean cuisine adds an extra layer of intrigue. Exploring new food combinations, ingredients, flavours, and aromas is a thrilling adventure for any food lover. Coupled with the delectable taste of these Korean dishes, you'll find yourself wanting to recreate them in your own kitchen whenever a craving strikes.

Here are some of the best food brands from Korea to try in India

Nongshim is undoubtedly one of the most recognized names in India when it comes to Korean ramyun, also known as ramen and other Korean noodles. This Korean brand is renowned for its commitment to delivering an authentic taste that closely resembles the flavours of South Korea. Nongshim is well-regarded for its quality and bold, irresistible flavours that may leave you reaching for water but never wanting to stop enjoying its delicious noodles.
Must-try products: Shin ramyun stir-fry noodles, shin ramyun original, soon veggie ramyun, chapaguri ramyun, etc.
Price range: Rs 90 – Rs. 600 (approx.)
Where to buy: Available in stores, on Amazon and other online grocery shopping portals

Paldo is another well-known South Korean brand dedicated to introducing the delectable flavours of Korean cuisine to Indian palates. Their range includes various types of noodles designed to satisfy both spice enthusiasts and those who prefer milder fare. Additionally, Paldo offers traditional Korean beverages, making it a must-try Korean brand for those seeking a taste of Korea's culinary delights.
Must-try products: Sikhye (rice punch), Bbimmen spicy Korean noodles, Jjajangmen noodles, volcano chicken noodles, etc.
Price range: Rs 130 – 2500 (approx.)
Where to buy: Available online on Amazon, Big Basket, etc.

Samyang is well-known for making extremely spicy Korean ramyun noodles that can even test the bravest spice lovers. They have become a staple in spicy ramyun eating challenges, where individuals attempt to conquer a bowl of Samyang's spiciest ramyun noodles. This Korean food brand's popularity is a testament to the fiery heat and bold flavours it offers.
Must-try products: Samyang buldak kimchi ramen noodles, hot chicken 2x spicy ramen noodles, hot chicken buldak carbonara ramen noodles, etc.
Price range: Rs 100 – 1900 (approx.)
Where to buy: Available in stores and on Amazon, etc.

While Korean food brands are often associated with spicy ramyun noodles, there's more to explore. Orion is a Korean brand that has ventured into a different realm, distinct from the world of Korean noodles. Renowned for its assortment of fruity, chocolatey treats, and an array of chips featuring diverse flavours, Orion is the brand to consider the next time you're craving something unique and unconventional.
Must-try products: Fruity choco pie, turtle chips, Mexican lime, O’rice crackers, etc.
Price range: Rs 120 – 800 (approx.)
Where to buy: Available on their website and Amazon, etc.

Wang is a Korean food brand known for offering a variety of products, including ramyun noodles and another popular item from South Korea's food markets—different types of rice. South Korea is a nation that heavily relies on rice, incorporating it into nearly every meal of the day, regardless of the time. Wang is committed to delivering premium-quality rice, regardless of the type, to other countries, ensuring that this quality is enjoyed beyond South Korea's borders.
Must-try products: Hot and spicy chicken ramen, spicy ramen (veg), wang premium sticky rice, etc.
Price range: Rs 200 – 5000 (approx.) 
Where to buy: Available on their website, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Lotte is an immensely popular dessert brand in the Indian market, beloved by kids and adults alike for years. Lotte's choco pie, in particular, has won the hearts of many with its irresistible taste. Capitalising on its success, Lotte has introduced various other South Korean candies to the Indian market, aiming to make them as beloved as the choco pie. These candies, including the choco pie, represent some of the highest-quality ready-to-eat desserts that South Korea has shared with the world. They serve as a perfect complement to South Korea's spicy yet delicious savoury food offerings.
Must-try products: Lotte choco pie, coffee bite, coconut punch, fruitz, lotte eclairs, etc.
Price range: Rs 25 – 900 (approx.)
Where to buy: Available in stores, Amazon and other shopping portals

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