Patoleo Recipe: Delicious Goan Sweet Wrapped In Tradition

A delectable Goan sweet, with the most amazing floral fragrance, Patoli rolls are absolutely heavenly! Truly a special dessert of the Konkan region, check out how to make Goan patoleo at home.

Published On Apr 28, 2024 | Updated On Apr 28, 2024


Patoleo or patoli are rice flour dumplings, which are prepared with a stuffing of coconut and steamed on turmeric leaves. This dessert is generally prepared on auspicious occasions as that of Ganesh Chaturthi, Nag Panchami and Shravan. Popular in Goa and the Konkan region, patoli can be prepared with very basic ingredients, however, Goan patoleo recipe requires a unique skill. Generally prepared during the monsoon months, from July to September, you can surely smell the sweet fragrance of patoleo during this time. Thin and soft, a dessert that melts in your mouth, learn how to prepare patoleo Goan sweet at home.


For preparing the outer cover of patoli: 

  1. 4 to 5 large turmeric leaves
  2. 1 cup rice flour
  3. 1 cup water
  4. ¼ tsp salt

For preparing the filling of patoli:

  1. 1 cup freshly grated coconut 
  2. 1 cup crushed jaggery
  3. Pinch of nutmeg powder
  4. ½ tsp cardamom powder
  1. To prepare the filling of patoleo, mix all ingredients as mentioned under the ingredient list and keep aside.
  2. Mix rice flour, salt and water to prepare a thick batter for the cover. Keep the batter aside for 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse the turmeric leaves, and wipe each leaf with a kitchen towel. 
  4. Press the middle vein of the turmeric leaf and slice through it thinly with a kitchen knife. Avoid cutting the leaf. Thereafter cut the base stalk of the leaf.
  5. Spread the rice flour batter uniformly across the leaf.
  6. Add a tablespoon of the filling in the centre of the leaf and then fold the leaf vertically in half. 
  7. Press and seal the edges.
  8. Continue the process for the other turmeric leaves.
  9. Steam the patoleo over medium flame for 10-12 minutes in a steamer. 
  10. Carefully remove the leaves from the patoleo while still warm, and serve.

Pro tip: You can increase the amount of rice flour in the batter if it appears too thin, or add water if the batter is too thick.


1. Is there an alternative for the turmeric leaves in the recipe? 
The flavour of turmeric leaves is what enhances the taste of the patoli. You can use banana leaves or jackfruit leaves if turmeric leaves are not available, however, the taste will not be the same.

2. Is patoleo a gluten free dish?
Yes, Goan patoleo is a gluten free dessert, and is a comparatively healthier dessert option.

3. Is patoleo vegan?
Yes, patoleo is a vegan dessert. 

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