Start Your Day With These Crisp Akki Rotis

This is not like any roti you've tried.

Published On Mar 12, 2021 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Akki roti is a wholesome breakfast item found in most Kannadiga homes. It’s not very different from the ordinary wheat flour roti. Rice flour is the primary ingredient of Akki roti which is liberally flavoured with additions such as onions, carrots, dill leaves, coriander, cumin and often sesame seeds as well. You could add or substitute veggies of your choice. Keep in mind to finely chop or grate them so that they assimilate into the dough properly.

Working with rice flour can get tricky and getting the right consistency for the dough is not an easy task. But it is a case of practice makes perfect, so keep at it. Your aim should be to get a soft but non-sticky dough. You can use hot water to help you bind the flour together. In case you don’t have rice flour at home, you could also grind some cooked rice with a little water and add it to the dough.

Unlike other chapatis or rotis, akki rotis aren’t rolled with a pin but patted with bare hands instead. A banana leaf is traditionally used for this process. However you can use a ziplock bag or parchment paper too. After heating a good amount of oil over a griddle or tava, place the sheet-like dough over it and fry until golden brown. You could substitute the oil with ghee or butter. You could also go full old school by patting the dough on the banana leaf and then placing it on the griddle along with the leaf.

Tip : Serve hot with some spicy chutney and filter kappi.

Photo: Shutterstock