Indian Street Food We Love: Dive Into The Delicious World Of Egg Roll

Egg roll is a popular street food in India. Made popular in the city of Kolkata, the egg roll recipe has now reached almost every street and kitchen in India. Read on to learn everything about the delicacy that is the egg roll.

Published On Jan 09, 2024 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Egg roll is a street food that is a gift to India by the city of Kolkata. What started as a much-loved breakfast dish or even a snack has now become one of the most popular street foods in all of India. What makes it even more preferable as one of the best street foods is the ease with which it can be eaten and relished without creating much mess. This makes it perfect for days when you want to just grab something and carry on with your day. Although delicious egg roll recipes are now easily available all over the internet, it is widely said and believed that every food lover must at least once have the mouth-watering experience of trying the egg roll in Kolkata. Nobody does egg roll like this city, a fact to which you will whole-heartedly attest with the very first bite. Eaten as it is or with customisations as per your likes and dislikes, this popular street food will quickly become one of your go-to street foods.


Egg roll is a roti or paratha roll, also known as a kathi roll, is a wheat or all-flour (maida) based paratha, a popular Indian bread, which is cooked along with an omelette mixture on a pan. As delicious as this recipe is, the list of egg roll ingredients is as easy and readily available. An egg roll can be enjoyed just with an egg base and garnishing such as pickled onions, chutneys, etc. or with filling varying from chicken, mutton, vegetables, etc. Nowadays, a healthier option of this egg roll is also available where the roll base is made from whole-wheat flour. Thus, with different egg roll ingredients, even someone on a healthy diet can relish the delicious fresh egg roll with your favourite fillings and garnishing.

To make a homemade egg roll, all you need are eggs, a dough made from the flour of your choice, spices, diced onions, mint chutney, sweet and sour red chutney (optional), butter (optional), green chillies, onions, coriander leaves, green capsicum, and any other vegetables you like. For an egg roll with a hearty filling, you can also use chicken, mutton etc. to make kebabs to fill the roll with, or even a noodle-based filling as well. For people who do not want to mix eggs with even more protein-heavy ingredients, use chicken, paneer-based chilli paneer or paneer tikka to make the egg roll recipe even more exciting.

Putting together homemade egg rolls is extremely easy and quick. With steps that even an amateur cook can follow without fail, this fool-proof street food recipe is a must-try. First of all, make a dough with flour, salt and water to make the paratha base for your egg roll. While you keep it aside to rest, whisk up a mixture for the omelette with the eggs, spices, chopped green chillies, onions, capsicum and other vegetables you want to add.

If you want to make a fuller version of an egg roll recipe, you can make a chicken egg roll, mutton egg roll or other recipes. For these recipes, all you need to do is dice and prepare your meat accordingly and marinate it in a mixture of spices and yoghurt (optional) to make it jam-packed with flavour. Prepare your kebabs by grilling or however the recipe calls for, while also making a paratha infused with the omelette to serve as the base. While assembling your egg roll, if preparing a simple egg roll then place diced fresh onions onto the roll, garnish with mint chutney and a dash of lemon juice and your delicious egg roll is all ready to be relished. If you want a stuffed egg roll, place the topping of your choice and then place the garnishing on top before rolling up your egg roll. Enjoy with an additional serving of mint chutney or chilli sauce if you want an added kick to your egg roll.


There are many popular egg roll recipes, all equally loved and delicious in their own right. What started as a simple recipe of an omelette wrapped up in a paratha base with added garnishing such as chutneys, chilli sauce, vegetables and more has now grown into many different versions. Some of the most popular egg roll versions you can find today are chicken egg rolls, paneer egg rolls, noodles-based egg rolls, mutton rolls, etc. There is even a recipe for an egg bhurji egg roll which is a recipe where egg bhurji, a version of scrambled eggs made with Indian spices, is used as the filling on an egg omelette-paratha base.

A chicken egg roll, also popularly known as a chicken kathi roll, is one of the more filling versions of a simple egg roll. Perfect for a hearty evening snack or even as a quick, on-the-go meal, this chicken egg roll is one recipe that you will love making, given how quickly it comes together as compared to some other chicken-based recipes. The first step to preparing a chicken egg roll is to prepare your chicken so that it can marinate in spices and yoghurt-based paste while you prepare other ingredients.

After it is done marinating, take the chicken pieces and add them to a pan with garlic and ginger. You can also choose to put in diced vegetables such as onions, capsicums, etc. and saute for 3-4 minutes before covering it to let it cook. Prepare your paratha and omelette base as your chicken cooks and after 5-7 minutes of the chicken cooking, take it off to assemble into the roll. Place on the base, top with diced onions, chutney, etc. and your chicken egg roll is all good to go.


A mutton egg roll also resembles the chicken egg roll recipe to a point. This recipe calls for minced mutton, mixed in with spices as per your liking and kept aside to let marinate. Prepare your paratha, and omelette mix and then infuse them both together on a pan, ready to be used as your egg roll base. Take your mutton mince and shape it into long kebab shapes before placing them on a flat pan to cook. After the mutton kebabs are thoroughly cooked, transfer them to the egg roll base, top with diced onion, mint chutney and a few drops of lemon juice as the garnish and serve fresh.


Another interesting egg roll recipe that has been doing the rounds is an egg bhurji recipe, which sounds like the perfect recipe for people who love eggs. Dice onions, tomatoes and capsicums and saute them in a pan, tempering with the usual spices. Add the egg mixture when the vegetables turn soft and mix until the eggs cook thoroughly. Transfer this scrambled egg mixture onto the eggs-paratha roll base, top with garnishing and enjoy fresh and hot.

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