Famous Food Of Indore That Will Transport You To A Foodie Heaven

Indore, a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, is famous for its culture, especially the food part of it. Also known as the cleanest city in India, there are some iconic foods you must try whenever you visit Indore. We bring you some of the most famous food of Indore without which your visit to the city will be incomplete.

Published On Dec 20, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Indore, the most populous city in Madhya Pradesh, is renowned for its numerous distinctions. Consistently ranked as the cleanest city in India, it also serves as a prominent educational centre, housing premier institutions. Boasting many historical monuments, Indore takes pride in its rich heritage, which is meticulously preserved and displayed. However, one of the city's defining features has always been its food, celebrated for its unbeatable flavours and aroma. The famous food of Indore, including the famous street food of Indore is a culinary experience that captivates both locals and visitors, with queues forming to savour the city's distinctive cuisine.

The famous food of Indore is so ingrained in the city's identity that visitors from other parts of the country often come prepared with a food itinerary, eager to immerse themselves in everything this vibrant city has to offer. From popular street foods to breakfast dishes and the famous namkeen of Indore, every aspect of the city's food culture is a sensory delight. Notably, the demand for the famous namkeen of Indore is so high that people make a point to pack namkeen packets to take home as souvenirs. Explore some of the famous street food of Indore that you must try on your next visit to the city.
Here are some of the famous foods of Indore to explore

The famous Dal Bafla of Indore, a dish similar to Dal Baati that is very famous in Rajasthan, is one delicacy that almost every local suggests visitors try. Dal bafla, one of the famous snacks of Indore, is a dish that includes piping hot dal, served with bafla (balls of dough), flavoured with spices, etc. What makes dal bafla different from Dal Baati is that Baati is directly baked, Bafla is boiled first and then baked which makes it extra soft. The famous Dal Bafla of Indore is a dish that everyone should try to experience the real flavours of the cuisine of this city.


One of the most popular breakfast foods in Indore, Poha Jalebi is one of the most iconic dishes in the city. The favourite of almost all locals of Indore, Poha Jalebi has a separate fan base. This delicacy brings the sweet and savoury profiles together in the most seamless fashion. Get into the Indore spirit and try an authentic plate of Poha Jalebi when visiting.


One of the famous snacks of Indore, Dahi Vada, or Dahi Bada as it is called by the locals, is a delicious yoghurt-based snack item that you can find commonly as part of Indore’s extensive street food. The preparation of this dish, especially the vada is fascinating to watch, making the whole experience so much more interesting. The combination of the hot bada with the cool yoghurt, flavoured with delicious chutneys will have you wanting more of this delicacy.

This speciality is unique to the city of Indore and is said to be one of the dishes that every visitor must try. An extremely popular street food dish, this delicacy is an interesting one. As the name suggests, this corn-based dish is a mix of boiled and mashed corn with other ingredients such as gram flour, ghee, asafetida, and more aromatic spices. This unique preparation of a corn-based dish is even more of a special treat as it is not yet too common in other cities in the country.

Sabudana, an ingredient that does not have a taste of its own, gets a flavourful makeover in the city of Indore that will leave you smacking your lips in anticipation. A popular food item in Indore, this dish is made by mixing ingredients like diced, crispy potatoes, peanuts, and namkeen and flavoured with spices and lemon juice. The final taste is so mouth-watering that it has gotten people hooked.


Many people might not have heard of this delicacy of Indore that is an absolute favourite of the locals. Another food item unique to Indore, this famous street food is something that will become your favourite as soon as you bite into it. A potato-based patty with coconut filling is one street food that you will not find commonly outside of Indore. The chutneys that come with this dish make it even more scrumptious.

After all the guzzling of some of the most delicious food dishes Indore has to offer, end your food explorations in a sweet, and as the name suggests, royal way. Shahi shikanji, a milk-based sweet drink, is so delicious that it justifies its name in every sense. Usually, you will find lemon-based shikanji in other cities and states, which makes this delicacy a treat special to Indore. With dry fruits garnishing this rich dessert-like drink is a must-try.

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