Explore The Flavours Of Beachy Goa In Your Kitchen With This Easy Vindaloo Recipe

Chicken vindaloo is one of the most popular dishes in Goan cuisine. Hearty and delicious, this dish will have you drooling and coming back for more with its bold and mouth-watering flavours. Read on for a quick and easy chicken vindaloo recipe.

Published On Mar 26, 2024 | Updated On Apr 26, 2024


Chicken vindaloo, a Goan delicacy, is a dish that has become iconic. The dish is famous around the world and the country, with almost everyone having heard of chicken vindaloo. This zesty, flavourful chicken dish with its big, bold flavours is sure to make your meal the highlight of your day. A chicken vindaloo recipe combines spices, tangy, and citric flavours and brings them together to complement the chicken dish perfectly. Goa is famous for mixing traditional Indian and Portuguese elements in its culture, and Goan cuisine is an extension of the blending of two different cultures. Therefore, today, the food culture of Goa is known for its fusion dishes and traditional dishes. This dish’s complementing tangy and spicy flavours make chicken vindaloo, Goan version, one of the best examples of the cuisine. This is precisely why chicken vindaloo, Goan version, has probably become an iconic dish in its own right. Today, you will find many versions of a chicken vindaloo, but the charm of the original Goan version is unmatched. The chicken vindaloo Goan recipe is something which you will find in every local kitchen and many popular restaurants. The popularity of this dish has surely helped put Goan cuisine on an international map, all thanks to the intricate yet hearty flavours of the chicken vindaloo Goan recipe. So, get your chef hat on and get the chill, Goa vibes in your kitchen with this easy chicken vindaloo, Goan recipe version.


Here are all the chicken vindaloo ingredients required for the recipe:

  1. Chicken
  2. Onions
  3. Coriander seeds
  4. Whole peppercorns
  5. Mustard seeds
  6. Cumin
  7. Green cardamom (optional)
  8. Dried red chillies
  9. Red chilli powder
  10. Cumin
  11. Vinegar 
  12. Garlic
  13. Ginger
  14. Salt
  15. Turmeric powder
  16. Cooking oil
  17. Tomatoes (preferably pureed)
  18. Hot water
  19. Sugar 


These are the steps to follow for this chicken vindaloo recipe:

  1. Making the dry powder: Take the dried red chillies, de-seed them and soak them in a mix of equal parts vinegar and hot water and keep aside. Now, to a blender, add coriander seeds, mustard seeds, peppercorns, cloves, cumin and green cardamoms and grind until they become a fine powder.
  2. Making the marination mix: To this dry powder, add the ginger, garlic, the soaked red chillies and the water-vinegar solution and blend until it becomes a paste. Add in salt and extra water as per your preference. Marinate the chicken in this paste and mix well before keeping aside.
  3. Preparing the chicken vindaloo: As the chicken marinates, put on a pan on the stove and heat some cooking oil. Add in diced onions and let cook until they become golden brown. Add the marinated chicken and any remaining paste to the onions and stir for 5-7 minutes while on low flame. As the chicken cooks, add in the tomato puree, mix and let simmer. As the chicken vindaloo cooks, add water if you want more gravy. Skip adding additional water if you prefer your dish with a dry gravy. Add salt if needed.
  4. Serving the chicken vindaloo: After letting it simmer for 5-10 minutes more, take off the heat and serve fresh with steamed rice or a choice of bread like paratha, roomali roti, poi bread, etc.  


What is the alternative for vinegar in the chicken vindaloo recipe?
You can easily substitute vinegar with lemon or lime juice. It will provide the same citric, tangy flavour to the chicken vindaloo.
What cooking oil should one prefer for this recipe?
Although traditionally, the recipe is made with coconut oil, you can easily replace it with any oil, such as mustard oil, olive oil, etc.



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