Different Types Of Mayo To Use As The Perfect Condiment For Your Food

Mayonnaise, or simply mayo, is one of the most popular dips and sauces people use with their food. Whether it is something as simple as French fries or something like shawarma, mayonnaise will always be in high demand. Read on to learn more about some of the most famous types of mayo.

Published On Mar 26, 2024 | Updated On Mar 26, 2024


In the world of condiments, mayonnaise is one of the most popular options. Popularly called ‘mayo,’ the creamy, light and airy, mayonnaise goes with everything and anything. Although the original version of mayonnaise goes well with most recipes, over time, different types of mayo were invented to zest up the original version. These types of mayo include everything from a spicy mayo to a cool and minty mayo and more. The many different types of mayonnaise cater to everyone, from people who want a mild condiment for their favourite food to people who love a bit more kick to their dips. Not only is mayonnaise used as a condiment on its own, but the different types of mayonnaise are also used as a base to make other sauces such as tartar sauce, ranch dressing, bang bang sauce, sauce remoulade and many more. Thus, the original and the different kinds of mayonnaise can be used in any way a person wishes, making this condiment truly one of the best of the large variety of sauces and dips available.

Some popular yet easy types of mayo to explore

You can get many types of mayonnaise in the market today that will make your kitchen prep easier. But once you master homemade mayonnaise and realise how easy it is to make at home, you will never turn to the market variety. The best part about this version is that it will be much fresher and high-quality than the market version. All you need is your choice of oil, an egg, lemon juice or vinegar, salt and then blend it all together.

Another type of fresh, homemade mayonnaise is the eggless version of regular mayonnaise. Of all the different types of mayonnaise, this version is vegan, gluten-free and low-fat. These qualities make this version comparatively the healthiest option compared to other kinds of mayonnaise. This recipe is also perfect for people who follow a vegan lifestyle and need to consider the presence of any allergens in their daily diet.


Blending together the aroma and flavours of Indian spices with the rich creaminess of mayonnaise, this is one of the best of all the many different types of mayonnaise sauce, especially if you want an Indian touch to your mayo. Generally, mayonnaise sauce types tend to be on the milder side of spice levels, which is why this spicy, tangy version has proved to be a hit among people.


All different types of mayonnaise sauce aside, the popularity of the original mayonnaise still reigns supreme. Sometimes, there is nothing better than dipping your snack into fresh, creamy mayonnaise and getting that perfect balance between the flavour of the snack and the subtle taste of mayonnaise. For this very reason, the original mayo is still extremely popular.


Another version for spice lovers, this mayonnaise is made by mixing paprika and plain mayonnaise. A perfect condiment for times when you want to introduce more flavour and zest to your favourite recipe, this spicy mayonnaise will surely make for a tangy addition to your meal.

One of the most popular mayonnaise sauce types, this herby version is the opposite of a spicy, tangy mayonnaise recipe. Combining herbs such as basil, parsley or whatever variety you have in your kitchens, this cool and minty mayonnaise is perfect for that subtle yet delectable touch of flavour to your food. The herby, green colour of the mayonnaise also adds a visual aesthetic while preparing a spread for guests.


Mixing the smoky and spicy flavours of Cajun cuisine popular in Louisiana and much of south USA with the creaminess of mayonnaise, this variety is the best to bring a mouth-watering smoky touch to your recipes. Use it on sandwiches, with fries, fried chicken or whatever snack you fancy and this mayo will surely pack in a punch of flavour that will make your food that much more delicious.

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