Dhaba Dhamaal: A Spice Safari Through Bangalore's Roadside Gems

Your guide to conquering Bangalore's dhaba scene.

Published On Jan 29, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Forget fancy Michelin-starred restaurants – Bangalore's culinary underbelly holds treasures far more enticing: the humble dhaba. These roadside havens, steeped in the vibrant chaos of truck horns and laughter, offer more than just food; they offer an experience. So, buckle up, spice fans, as we embark on a greasy, garlicky, and utterly delightful journey through some of Bangalore's most beloved dhabas.

This vibrant chain ain't your average dhaba. Step into the bustling, color-splashed interiors and inhale the intoxicating aroma of spices that hangs heavy in the air. Their tandoori chicken is the stuff of legends, each succulent piece infused with smoky tandoor magic. Dip it in creamy dal makhani, so rich it makes you weep with joy, and mop it all up with fluffy naan or crispy kulchas. Chulha Chauki is a symphony of spice and laughter, a testament to the dhaba's enduring charm.

Vegetarians, rejoice! This Indiranagar gem is your veggie dhaba paradise. Imagine Rajma Chawal simmered to perfection, each grain infused with the soul of earthy beans. Paneer dishes that sing with a chorus of spices – malai makhani creamy as moonlight, palak paneer vibrant and tangy. And parathas, oh, the parathas! Stuffed like overstuffed pillows, each bite a burst of crispy potato or savory paneer. Don't leave without a steaming cup of masala chai – the sweet, milky finale to your veggie dhaba symphony.

Danny Lambas Punjabi Dhaba

This no-frills Indiranagar joint is where dhaba dreams come true. Their Shammi Kebabs, soft as baby clouds, melt in your mouth with each flavorful bite. Paneer tikka, marinated in a secret tandoori potion, explodes with tangy, smoky goodness. For the carnivores, butter chicken reigns supreme – a creamy, dreamy heaven that begs to be soaked up with buttery rotis. Danny Lambas is a dhaba without airs, serving up pure, unadulterated Punjabi flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Located near Jakkur Flying Club, this open-air dhaba is a Bangalore classic. Picture planes soaring overhead as you dig into their simple yet soul-satisfying North Indian fare. Kadai paneer, studded with vibrant green capsicums, dances on your tongue. Malai kofta, pillowy dumplings bathed in creamy gravy, is pure comfort food. And the butter chicken? It's a legend whispered throughout the city, a dish so good it makes you want to lick the plate (and maybe the table too). Sip on filter coffee, strong and dark as the runway asphalt, as you watch the planes take off – it's a dhaba experience with a touch of aviation magic.

Nestled on Old Madras Road, this dhaba is a hidden gem cherished by locals. Their mutton biryani is a poem penned in rice and spice. Tender meat, fragrant basmati, and a secret blend of herbs weave a tapestry of flavor that will have you swaying in your seat. Vegetarians, don't despair! Their paneer bhurji, scrambled to fluffy perfection, and dal tadka, simmered with just the right touch of smoky heat, are vegetarian anthems to dhaba delights. HP Dhaba is a reminder that the best things often come tucked away in unexpected corners.

Bonus round: Are you craving seaside flavors? Poojaru Fishland on the Mysore-Bangalore highway is your haven. Their seafood thali is a coastal masterpiece – fresh fish cooked in a kaleidoscope of ways, accompanied by fluffy rice, tangy rasam, and chutneys that pack a punch. And for those late-night hunger pangs, Friends Dhaba in Koramangala is your knight in greasy armor. Steaming hot parathas, stuffed with your choice of fillings, arrive alongside curries simmered with love until the wee hours.

So, there you have it, – a dhaba crawl worthy of a food god. These are just a handful of Bangalore's countless dhaba gems, each waiting to be discovered. Grab your friends, loosen your belts, and prepare for an adventure that will leave you happy, full, and maybe a little bit garlicky. Remember, cash is king in these roadside palaces, and patience is a virtue – good things come to those who wait (and drool).

Photo: dhaba bangalore