Crispy Delight: Fried Pomfret Fish Recipe You'll Absolutely Love

Perfect for a family feast or a solo treat, this fried pomfret recipe will turn you into the star cook of the evening.

Published On May 24, 2024 | Updated On Jun 12, 2024


Fried Pomfret, lovingly called ‘Paplet Fry’, is a crispy dish that has been making waves everywhere. Fried pomfret fish is more than just a dish, it’s a celebration on a plate. If you’re someone on a Goa trip who’s never had fish, we would recommend pomfret fry masala as your winner and a sign to go by the Goa shacks and create lasting memories with this delicious fried pomfret fish.

This dish hails from the coastal belts where pomfret fish are as common as the waves there. Think Goa, Maharashtra, and parts of South and Southeast Asia. It’s where the fish is fresh, the spices are vibrant, and the frying pans are always sizzling.

In places like Goa, the fried pomfret fish is a piece of heritage and cultural fusion with the Portuguese influence. And apart from a delight for your taste buds, the paplet fry is also believed to bring good luck according to Chinese cuisine.

Now, you might already have been sold on this dish but adding to the list of goodies in fried pomfret fish is the nutrients for your body. Paplet fry is rich in proteins, vitamins like A, D, and B12, and minerals such as calcium. Plus, it’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are champions for heart and brain health. So, when you’re munching on the crispy skin and meat here, know you’re doing your body a favour too.


Now, to bring the richness of pomfret fry masala from Goa all the way to your home, here’s a step-by-step fried pomfret recipe

  1. 1 whole pomfret fish, cleaned and scored
  2. Salt, to taste
  3. Turmeric powder
  4. Red chilli powder
  5. Ginger-garlic paste
  6. Lemon juice
  7. Semolina or breadcrumbs for coating
  8. Oil for frying


  1. To start with your fried pomfret recipe, give your pomfret a good wash. Pat it dry and make some diagonal cuts on both sides – this isn’t just for looks; it helps the spices get all cosy with the fish.
  2. To Marinate the fish, sprinkle salt, turmeric, and chilli powder all over the fish. 
  3. Add a generous amount of ginger-garlic paste and a squeeze of lemon juice. 
  4. Rub it in well, making sure the fish is fully dressed in the marinade. Let it sit and soak up the flavours.
  5. Roll the fish in semolina or breadcrumbs. This in the pomfret fish recipe is what gives fish the crunch. Make sure you get the coating into all the cuts and crevices.
  6. Heat oil in a pan – enough to make the fish swim in it. Once hot, gently place your pomfret in. Fry each side until it’s golden and crispy. 
    Get it on a plate, maybe with a side of tangy mint chutney or just a simple wedge of lemon.

There, you have your dish ready with this simple pomfret fish recipe. So, gather your friends or family, and let the evening begin. 

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