All About The Finest And Most Expensive Beer In India

Check out the priciest beer brands in India to treat yourself on your next day out.

Published On Dec 18, 2023 | Updated On Jul 04, 2024


Beer is one of the most popular hard beverages among party-lovers. Nothing beats the joy of sipping chilled beer and watching a nice football game over the weekend or gradually gulping down a pitcher of beer with friends in a cafe. Beer helps you relax and enjoy the slow passing of time on a leisurely day. Perfect for a mellow tipsy and a subtle high, a glass of good beer is always a good idea.

If you’re tired of your regular beer and are looking for an exotic and premium taste, here are seven expensive beer brands you should definitely try. After all, the most expensive beer in India deserves the opportunity to grace your palate and give you a perfect day to remember!
Some of the most expensive beers worth trying in India

The first on our list of most expensive beers in India is an Irish brew called Guinness. Guinness comes from one of the oldest breweries in the world, which was leased by Arthur Guinness in 1759. The first beer here was eventually created 200 years later, in 1959. Guinness stands apart from other beers because of its thick and creamy texture; naturally, it has a higher calorie content than other beers. This Irish beer is a guilty pleasure you will thoroughly enjoy! Guinness costs about Rs 500-550 and can go up to Rs 750, including taxes.
Price: Rs 500-550

Mentioning the most expensive beer in India doesn’t even begin without considering Duvel. Duvel is a Belgian beer brewed for 3 months before packaging and distribution, giving it a slightly bitter flavour. Get ready to be transported to the streets of sweet Belgium as you sip your glass of Duvel and enjoy the perfect definition of luxury leisure! Duvel costs Rs 750 per bottle, but having it in a cafe or bar can cost you Rs 1000 or more,
Price: Rs 750

Yet another Irish beer that’s worth trying is Murphy’s Irish Stout. It is among the most expensive beers in India and has a stronger taste than other beers. Murphy’s Irish Stout is much darker than the other Irish beers of its kind and is manufactured by the brewing giant Heineken International. If you enjoy strong beers, then Murphy’s Irish Stout might become your new favourite. It is priced at Rs 500, but having it in a bar or cafe might cost between Rs 650-700.
Price: Rs 500

As the name suggests, Chimay Red is a beer with a reddish colour and a fruity taste, unlike other beers, which usually have a golden hue. Coming from Chimay City in Belgium, Chimay Red is a classic beer originating from Europe - a place known for its waffles and beer. It is an exquisite beer and a must-try for beer lovers. A bottle of Chimay Red costs about Rs 570-590; however, having it in posh eateries or bars can cost you around Rs 700-800 owing to the various taxes.
Price: Rs 570-590

Another premium Belgian brew that is sure to give you a fondness for its taste is the Leffe Blonde. It is an authentic blond abbey beer that perfectly complements your platter of fried food. With a slightly bitter taste and the mellow aroma of clove and vanilla, this beer is delicate yet strong. The lingering soft, bitter aftertaste of the Leffe Blonde is something that makes it exceptional. A bottle of Leffe Blonde costs about Rs 430-450, but like the other beers, having it in eateries might add up additional charges and cost about Rs 560-580.
Price: Rs 430-450

Another hit in the list of the most expensive beers in India is the Irish beer, Schneider Weisse. A bottle of Schneider Weisse costs Rs 500, and this premium beer is a popular favourite among beer lovers in India. A wheat beer made in strict adherence to the Reinheitsgebot law, Schneider Weisse contains barley malt, hops, yeast, and water.
Price: Rs 500

Last on our list of the most expensive beer in India is the Belgian Stella Artois. Stella Artois is produced by the world’s largest beer brewing company - Anheuser-Busch InBev. Made using the finest natural ingredients the largest beer brewing company in the world. Traditionally hand-crafted and brewed using the finest natural ingredients, Stella Artois is a luxury beer that costs around Rs 325-345. It is a must-try if you enjoy trying different exotic beers.
Price: Rs 325-345

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