A Quick Look At Mumbai Restaurants' Festive Menu

Explore the fusion of flavours reminiscent of Christmas traditions and innovative New Year's delights at these Mumbai restaurants.

Published On Dec 22, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Mumbai's fine dining restaurants are gearing up for Christmas, offering a culinary adventure that combines the magic of New Year's with the customs of Christmas as December draws to an end. Surely because the December menu offerings echo the festive spirit of Christmas, with chefs incorporating seasonal ingredients to create dishes that evoke warmth and nostalgia. Be it succulent roast turkey adorned with cranberry compote, velvety butternut squash soup, or delicate mince pies that transport diners to the heart of a traditional Christmas celebration. Well, enough of seductive food conversations, let's explore how these restaurants are going to wow you with their delectable creations. 

During this celebratory season, Nara Thai of Colaba and Bono Boutique Ice-Cream have launched a collection of limited-edition Thai-flavoured ice creams, blending elements of tradition and innovation, all while paying homage to the inspirational role played by women in the culinary realm.

Nava will take its guests on a culinary expedition that transcends borders, their recently unveiled à la carte menu that redefines Modern European cuisine with a focus on local, seasonal ingredients with dishes such as Pork Bun Maska, Yam Canale, Duck Cones, Pappardelle and Ceramelle, Seabass Main Course, and Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.

Additionally, Nava's cocktail menu pays homage to iconic artists, poets, and authors, transforming the act of imbibing into an immersive cultural experience. Each cocktail is a crafted tribute, capturing the essence of creative luminaries and their historical ties to spirits. 

 Silly Mumbai's seasonal menu, crafted by chef Gaurav Gidwani, blends innovation and tradition, reflected by signature dishes like Chicken Pizzaiola with Beetroot Tahini Dip, Herb Pickle Pearls, Philly Cheese Wontons with Chilly Oil and Chilly Foam, Quatro Formagi Funghi Pizza, Smoked Tofu with Cous Cous and Ratatouille, and the decadent Canoli. Adding on to the culinary delights is an updated cocktail menu, curated by beverage director Latesh Kotian of K7Group Hospitality, featuring creations such as the Magical Whisper, Penicillin, Morning Breakfast, and more.

Emanating from the rich tapestry of the historic NRK House, an often-overlooked gem steeped in India's opulent textile history, PCO Mumbai draws inspiration for its innovative menu. This textile-centric narrative forms the bedrock of their offerings, with each cocktail intricately woven around the essence of diverse fabrics.

From Banarasi to Kanchipuram Silk, the menu showcases 15 crafted concoctions inspired by the likes of Eri Silk, Toda Embroidery, and Banarsi.  Much like the fabrics they emulate, each libation unfolds a distinct tale, revealing layers of complexity and individual character.

At Nksha, each element of the menu blends classical tea-time favourites and avant-garde indulgences. Explore an array of savouries, ranging from Paneer Kathi Roll to Avocado Sev Puri and Punjabi Mini Samosa.

Complementing these delights are their beverage selection, featuring Dalgona Coffee, Masala Chai, and Masala Shikanji, accompanied by premium delicacies like Besan Nankhatai, and conclude your culinary journey with desserts such as the Motichoor Ladoo and Malai Chaap—an epitome of indulgence. 

At Woodside Inn, indulge in their small plates that feature Surf and Turf Scotch Eggs, Winter Garden Salad  and  Smoked Turkey Sandwich, and move on to the Leek And Cream Cheese Stuffed Ravioli Tricolore, paired with Sage Brown Butter and Clam And Butter Poached Lobster Linguine, with lemon chilli sauce. 

The cocktail menu is as interesting, and includes Lacto Fermented Mahabaleshwar Strawberries, Citrus, Belgian White Chocolate Espuma, and Fizz, and the Pixie Squash. 

With Peruvian chef Rafael att he helm, this menu is definitely interesting. Dig into vibrant salads such as the Pear and Mixed Green Salad or Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese or indulge in appetisers featuring Creamy Cottage Cheese, tempting Quinotto Croquettes, Chicken Picante, and Deep-fried Ceviche, each bite will be a delightful crescendo of taste.

For hearty mains, savour choices like Cauliflower Cau Cau, Hauncaina Potatoes, Nikkei Roast Pulled Turkey, Braised Lamb Shanks, and Buff Estofado, ensuring a memorable feast. Pair your meal with cocktails such as Cuban Cafe, Machu Pichu Snow, Mexican Breeze, and Andean Forest. Conclude your meal on a sweet note with delectable Soaked Fruit Loaf and Pecan Nut Pie

Slink & Bardot presents "Tales from the Shoreline: A Koliwada Cocktail Journey," paying homage to Worli Koliwada's vibrant flavours and colours. The cocktail and food menus celebrate the coastal village's essence, featuring a traditional fish thali in a seven-course tasting adventure. The cocktails, inspired by Koliwada's heritage, include Sunset at Slink, Not Alfonso, Jujube Sour, Coast Guard's Brew, Koli Echoes, and Saint Nicholas. 

The seven-course tasting experience blends local fish and indigenous ingredients, showcasing Mumbai's culture. The journey unfolds with unique courses, such as Shrimp & Tapioca Cracker, Oyster with Kokum Saar Granita, Rawa Fry Bombil, Barramundi Ceviche, Roasted Ghol Fish, Char Siu Pomfret Donburi, and Puran Poli Tres Leches. Taste of Slink invite you to unlock Mumbai's coastal heritage at Slink & Bardot, promising an unforgettable adventure of taste and culture.

If you have a sweet tooth, try out the newest dessert selection from Mizu Izakaya, which  are skillfully prepared by Nikhil Menon —  head chef pastry/culinologist (R&D), these include Sakura, Ichigo Dojima Roll Cake, Hazelnut Cacao,  Matcha Mochi and Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Indulge in offerings presented by Akina, featuring exquisite dishes such as Robata King Crab, Tempura Squash Blossom, and Five Spice Whole Chicken, complemented by beverages like Festive Fizz, Spicy Cacao, and Sesame Sparkle, designed to elevate your holiday traditions.

The menu boasts an array of exquisite offerings, including comforting soups such as the Chive Flower and Mushroom Dumpling Saffron Soup, and King Crab Dumpling Saffron Soup. Further, delight your palate with the sophistication of dim sum, featuring the Black Truffle Roasted Mushroom Puff and the Black Truffle Roasted Duck Puff.

Indulge in heartwarming mains like the Szechuan Stir-Fry in Garlic Herb Sauce, Wok-Fry River Prawn, Shanghai Carrot Dumpling in Dim Sum, and the Autumn Mushroom and Golden Squash in Mains. Also, try timeless staples like the Treasure of the Nature Claypot and the Treasure of the Sea Claypot.

Hop on a culinary adventure at Hoppumm, a renowned Sri Lankan restaurant in Bandra. The Veg Menu, priced at INR 1000, offers an enticing array of dishes served on traditional banana leaves, including appetisers like Pollos roll and Veg chilli, and main courses like Veg moilee with Neer dosa. For non-vegetarians, the menu at  INR 1200 features delights such as Elummas pattice and Chilli chicken. The experience concludes with Lankan yellow rice and the sweet Sri Lankan love cake.

Indulge in a delectable truffle-themed dining experience featuring dishes such as Truffled Baked Brie, Norwegian Salmon Tartar, and Cacio e pepe Tartufo. Savour Morels & Truffle risotto, Truffled Steak tartar, and Pollo Fricassee a La Trufa. Conclude your meal with a whimsical Apple Strawberry Cereal Dessert, a playful twist on a classic childhood-inspired treat.

The holiday-themed menu includes a variety of appetisers, mains, and desserts. Start with the refreshing Strawberry Pecan Salad or  Burrata Wreath. Indulge in starters like the Smoked Salmon Toast or the unique Strawberry Cheese Balls.

For mains, savour the Christmas Chicken Roast. Cap off your meal with the Instagram-worthy Chocolate Pine Cone or Strawberry Cream Cheesecake. The drinks menu offers expertly roasted coffees, flavoured teas, and freakshakes.

At Trippy Goat — start with a trippy twist with Tomato Rasam or Mutton Paya and savour Sourdough Toasts. Explore small plates with Vegan Mutton Sukka, Kebab Chicken Wings, and Buff Chilli Fry, a Kerala specialty.

For larger plates, try the Kerala Parota with Moilee-inspired Stew and Stuffed Pasta. If brunch isn't your preference, indulge in Trippy Goat's Christmas special a la carte menu, featuring Roast Turkey Breast, Lobster Tortellini, Duck Curry, Warm Apple Pie, Hot Chocolate, and more. 

 Experience exceptional food and warm service that goes beyond language, priced at INR 1999 for lunch and INR 2499 for dinner. Indulge in modern Indian dishes like Parsnip Shorba, Sarso ka Saag stuffed Kulcha, Brie Pakoda, Prawns 65, Mutton Ghee Roast, and more. Their festive Mulled Wines at the bar add a sparkling touch to the celebration.

Highlights at this place include Pork and Napa Cabbage Rolls at INR 750, Winter Pork Stew at INR 850, and the iconic Izumi Fried Chicken at INR 850, served with a variety of accompaniments. Indulge your sweet tooth with our luscious Strawberry Shortcake at INR 550.

At Monkey Bar, our special Christmas menu features an array of salads, appetisers, and mains, including Roasted Half Chicken and Pork Vindaloo. Conclude your meal with flavorful desserts like Christmas Plum Cake and Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake Tart. Pair your feast with our exquisite Christmas special drinks, including Hot Buttered Rum, Eggnog, Winter Sour, and Christmas Punch.

This restaurant has put together a special menu that features dishes that include Tunisian Chicken Kebab, Fluffy Pancakes, Classic French Toast, and a succulent Juicy Steak With Farm Fresh Eggs, Asparagus Velouté With Parmesan Foam, Blackened Grilled Prawns, and a common favourite, the Juliette Burger With The Works.

Celebrate the joyous festive season at 145 Cafe & Bar with their Cream Cheese Korean Bun, a harmonious blend of creaminess and bold Korean spices. For those craving a fiery sensation, their Gong Bao Chicken offers an infusion of robust and savoury flavours. 

Seafood aficionados can savour the coastal indulgence of their BBQ Fish with XO Sauce, a dish that captures the essence of the ocean. Their Smoky BBQ Chicken Pizza reimagines the classic with a unique twist, while the Mango & Sage T&T provides a refreshing tropical interpretation of the traditional gin and tonic. Indulge in the Spicy Passion Fruit Margarita for a burst of flavourful excitement.

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