8 Places To Explore the Café Culture Of Parvati Valley

Here are some cool cafes in Parvati Valley, worth exploring on your next holiday.

Published On Jun 23, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Parvati Valley is a beautiful place in Himachal that every traveller must visit at least once in their life. What is particularly peculiar about the Parvati Valley is its colourful café culture. Multiple cafes have sprung up in and around the valley in the past few years, and they’re all so different from one another and equally fun to hang out at. Unwind in Kasol to some delicious cuisines and drinks, and spend your vacation, meeting travellers like you and bonding over awesome food.

The most exciting cafés to visit if you’re in Parvati Valley

If you’re close to Parvati River, then you must visit Jim Morrison Café. Jim Morrison Cafe in Kasol is a special eatery that pays homage to the iconic American musician, Jim Morrison, as the title suggests. The café has many images of Jim Morrison as well as some cool psychedelic artwork, thus making it stand out from many other cafes in and around the Parvati Valley. You can enjoy a variety of dishes while going back to the nostalgia of rock and roll.

Price for two: Rs 500

The Pink Floyd Cafe is one of the best places to eat while visiting the Parvati region. The Pink Floyd Cafe in Kasol is a tribute to the legendary English rock band, Pink Floyd. The ambience of this place is stunning, and you will find a lot of things related to music and art! The walls are filled with psychedelic murals, album covers, and iconic Pink Floyd imagery, creating a lovely experience for tourists who are fans of the band. The café is a great place to relax, and the menu features a range of delicious snacks, beverages, and meals. The Pink Floyd Cafe is a must-visit cafe for music enthusiasts. The best part? It's reasonable.

Price for two: Rs 400

If you’re looking for things to do in Parvati Valley, don’t forget to eat at Ice and Fire. Ice and Fire Cafe in Kasol offers a great combination of cool and strong flavours. This café is specifically known for its drinks and their cooling effect. Just like its name suggests, it is all ice and all fire. You will find a mix of relaxing as well as spicy food, and it's a perfect spot to indulge in all kinds of culinary delights in Kasol.
Price for two: Rs 600

Riverview café is an underrated café in Parvati Valley, but it is also closest to the banks of the Parvati River! In fact, from the café, you can catch a great view of the waters, a sight to behold truly. A little away from the hectic town, this café is a place for those who want to relax and unwind. It’s known for its coffee and local cuisine, as well as its peaceful ambience. No café gets closer to the heart of nature than River view cafe.
Price for two: Rs 800

Moon Dance Cafe is a bohemian-inspired cafe that has visitors enchanted with its ambience. From the moment you enter the café, you will find all sorts of colourful tapestries, dream catchers, and low seating arrangements. This café certainly gives off a chill hippie vibe and is a place for dreamers. If you love counterculture and flower power, then this café certainly is for you. 
Price for two: Rs 500

Little Italy Inn in Kasol is a great accommodation option that captures the essence of Italy in the heart of the Himalayas. This cosy inn provides many comfortable rooms and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a taste of Italy with authentic Italian cuisine served at the on-site restaurant, creating a perfect blend of cultures in the serene surroundings of Kasol. 
Price for two: Rs 700

Stone Garden Café in Kasol is a hidden gem between the lovely landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. This café has amazing stone walls and a garden setting. The outdoor seating area brings guests closer to nature. The menu has a range of culinary delights, including local and international cuisines. The café is not for its hot cup of chai and its accompanying snacks.

Price for two: Rs 600

Evergreen café in Kasol is known for its beautiful view of Himachal’s landscapes and mountain regions. It is situated near such breathtaking sights and has colourful, cosy seating that you would never want to leave for the next few hours. The menu is a mix of local and international flavours and provides a range of dishes such as Israeli cuisine, Italian pasta, and Indian specialities. You will find delicious falafels as well as pastries, and you will fall in love with the ambiance of the place.

Price for two: Rs 300

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