7 Brand New Restaurants In Goa You Should Check Out

In recent years Goa has witnessed a surge of restaurants aiming to elevate the state's culinary landscape, transforming it into an even more beloved destination. Join us as we discover some of the latest eateries in Goa.

Published On Sep 19, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Goa has long held a special place in the hearts of those seeking unforgettable memories. Its charming, colonial ambience, laid-back atmosphere, and culinary fusion influenced by traditions, Portuguese heritage, and colonial past make it a beloved destination for people both in India and around the globe. While Goa's food scene has always thrived, there's a growing desire to infuse fresh perspectives. Consequently, new restaurants are continuously cropping up, offering a diverse array of cuisines.

As the culinary landscape evolves, it's becoming more thoughtfully crafted and experimental, delighting food enthusiasts. Many restaurateurs are thinking beyond the ordinary, introducing establishments that breathe new life into dining experiences. With a wide variety of concepts, reinvented classics, and innovative twists on traditional cuisines, these dining spots are bound to leave a lasting impression. It's safe to say that the food scene in Goa has never been more promising and exciting to explore. From serene brunch spots to eateries serving authentic Italian fare, and from venues celebrating traditional Indian cuisine with remarkable flair, Goa has unquestionably become a paradise for food lovers.

Here are Goa’s most exciting new restaurants to check out

Offering you a little piece of paradise right in Goa, Kiko Beach is a stunning new restaurant right on the shore of Morjim Beach. Channelling a pleasant bohemian vibe, this pan-Asian restaurant has become quite famous even though it has not been long since its launch. Serving some delicious food dishes with refreshing cocktails, Kiko Beach is a must-try new restaurant in Goa.
Location: Living Room Beach Resort, Gawadewada, Morjim, Goa
Timings: 12 pm – 1 am
Cost for two: Rs 2,000 (approx.)

Located in the quiet lanes of Saligao, The Second House, boasting of a multi-cuisine spread and an impressive art collection is a treat for food as well as art lovers. Being true to its name as the new restaurant is situated in the second house that was ever built in Saligao, a visit here is bound to be interesting. The best part, this beautiful restaurant is also pet-friendly. 
Location: Next to the First House, Muddavaddi, Saligao, Goa
Timings: 12 pm – 1 am
Cost for two: Rs 2,000 (approx.)

A launch of the geniuses behind Indian Accent, Hosa is an intriguing restaurant right from the get-go. Celebrating the traditional recipes of South India with its special twist, the restaurant is gaining some major points with its mouth-watering food and innovative and refreshing drinks. Located right opposite the beautiful St. Anthony’s Church, head on over for a delightful meal after a long day of exploring Goa.
Location: Irada Home, House 60/1, Vaddy, Near Saint Anthony's Church, Siolim, Goa
Timings: 12 pm – 11 pm
Cost for two: Rs 2,000 (approx.)

Terttulia, with its spacious premises and an aesthetic that mixes natural and architectural elements so beautifully, sure deserves a visit. The restaurant is a welcome change of pace whenever you wish for a calm time spent with delicious food and drinks. From refreshing cocktails to a warm cup of coffee, this restaurant will have you fall in love with its chill atmosphere.
Location: H 13/368 & 13/368/1, C13, DB Marg, Campal, Opposite Gym Ground, Panaji, Goa
Timings: 12 pm – 1.30 am (Tuesday closed)
Cost for two: Rs 2,000

Celebrating the traditional recipes of India with its food and the local Goan bamboo community with its stunning interiors, this restaurant is a must-visit. Using the bold, delicious flavours from Indian kitchens with a modern twist, the food at Bawri will plunge you into pleasant nostalgia. The tasty and innovative cocktails and drinks are the perfect company for the food. 
Location: House 3, Survey 161/11, Saunta Vaddo, Assagao, Goa
Timings: 12 pm – 3:30 and 7 pm – 11:30 pm (Tuesday closed)
Cost for two: Rs 1,800 (approx.)

A picturesque restaurant right by the beach shore, Sao By The Shore will win you over with its beautiful interiors, impressive views and a mouth-watering fusion of Goan and European flavours. The relaxed vibe of the place and the excellent quality of the food and drinks have made this new restaurant a favourite among people looking for a serene place to chill while revelling in the natural beauty of Goa. 
Location: Beach Road, Ashwem, Goa
Timings: 11 am – 11 pm
Cost for two: Rs 1,600 (approx.)

This open-air experiential Indian restaurant is something that stands out from other restaurants in Goa, thanks to its innovative menu, theme and interiors inspired by the Indus-Saraswati civilization. The rustic appeal of this fine-dining establishment has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the short time that it has been opened. The experience of enjoying the regional delicacies of India in the enchanting open-air setting of the restaurant is surely going to be memorable. 
Location: House 187/14, 3102 BCE, Deulwada, Bardez, Vagator, Goa
Timings: 7 pm – 11 pm
Cost for two: Rs 1,400 (approx.)

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