6 International Food Chains That Have Made A Debut In India Recently

The Indian food scene is bustling with new food chains, and here are some international giants available in our markets today.

Published On Sep 20, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Cafe hopping and trying out new cuisine from multicultural contexts is a delight many enjoy. With the world becoming a global village, many internationally acclaimed food chains have opened up outlets in India. So, if trying out food from globally renowned brands is your thing, we have something interesting for you.

Over the last decade, several international food chains have opened stores in major Indian cities. Their iconic dishes and rich cultural contexts presented with an Indian twist to match the Indian foodie’s taste buds are a must-try and that’s where the below recommendations come in handy.

Here are 6 international food chains now available in India 

Popular US fast food chain Wendy's is known for its delectable square hamburger patties, sea salt fries, chicken sandwiches, and the iconic Frosty (a thick milkshake). With over 6,515 restaurants across 29 nations, Wendy’s is one of the largest restaurant brands globally. Wendy’s opened its first outlet in India at Gurgaon in May 2015, and it is present in 19 Indian cities today, spread across more than 100 locations. Managed by the Cloud kitchen operator Rebel Foods, Wendy’s operates at two levels in India - as the traditional restaurant setup and as a cloud kitchen taking orders digitally.

What to try: Spicy Aloo Crunch (a good option for vegetarians), the Baconator (a filling bacon-rich treat), and the Railway Cutlet Burger
Price: Rs 350 for two

Famous for its Canadian speciality coffee, Tim Hortons debuted in India in August 2022. Its first Indian outlet was in Mumbai, and the brand has been well-received by its Indian patrons since the beginning. Tim Hortons quickly expanded its Indian base and has already opened 8 stores across the NCR region, including cities like Bathinda, Chandigarh, and Ludhiana. 
The menu at Tim Hortons stands out for its globally recognized food standards that include everything from its iconic French vanilla and ice cream to doughnuts and Timbits.

What to try: Chocolate Dip Donut, Vanilla Iced Capp, Glazed Timbits, Mushroom Makhani Ravioli Pasta, Chole Kulcha Flatbread, Chicken Tikka Croissant Sandwich etc.
Price: Rs 1000 for two

The US fast-food chain Popeyes, famous for its fried chicken, sandwiches, and Louisiana spiced burgers, made an Indian debut in January 2022. It has over 3900 outlets across 30+ countries and is regarded as a competitor of KFC. The brand plans to launch a mobile app and website for its Indian patrons soon.

What to try: Sweet and Spicy Wings, Fried Chicken Sandwich, Veg Burger, Rice Bowl, Signature Chicken, Wraps, etc.
Price: Rs 450 for two

The British coffee and sandwich chain Pret-A-Manger made an Indian debut in April this year. Brought to India by the business tycoon Mukesh Ambani, Pret A Manger perfectly blends its British recipes with the preference of the Indian palate. The food chain envisages expanding its outlet count in India shortly. It is known for serving organic coffee and freshly made food.

What to try: Balsamic Chicken & Avocado Sandwich, The Moroccan Lentil Soup, Avocado & Toasted Pine Nut Wrap, Coconut Chicken & Sweet Potato Balance Box, Pret's Tuna & Cucumber etc.
Price: Rs 1500 for two

The globally acclaimed Japanese curry house CoCo Ichibanya, opened its first outlet in India in 2020. The food giant has over 1400 outlets across 12 nations, and its two outlets in Delhi have been warmly received by Japanese cuisine lovers in India. CoCo Ichibanya visualises bringing a revolution in the Japanese dining experience in India. CoCo Ichibanya is the place for you if you enjoy curry and spices.

What to try: Authentic Japanese Food, Japanese Curry, Shrimp Curry, Katsu Curry, Udon Noodles, etc.
Price: Rs 1500 for two

The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) is a much-loved breakfast option in the States with its amazing combos of breakfast items like waffles, pancakes, and eggs. With over 1800 restaurants globally, IHOP opened its first outlet in India in 2017, making India the twentieth country to have its presence. This hub of breakfast delights is rapidly expanding its chains in India and seeks to offer a California-like experience to its customers with interiors that resonate with California’s summer, beaches, and freshness.

What to try: Pancakes, special types of omelettes, fajitas, fried chicken, egg benedict with ham, waffles, mozzarella sticks, etc.
Price: Rs 1000 for two

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