4 Easy And Quick Chilli Oil Recipes That’ll Blow Your Mind

Chilli oil is a condiment that immediately elevates a dish, and if you’re planning to make some but don’t know where to start, this quick guide is all you need.

Published On Dec 26, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


The best part about globalisation is the exposure to new cuisines and food cultures. And while some might remain exotic dishes that we have once in a while, or condiments that can be used with specific food combinations only, some like chilli oil fit right in, no matter what cuisine you adapt them to. 
Believed to have originated from Asian cuisines, chilli oil has taken the culinary world by storm and has made its way into the shelves of anyone who likes flavourful condiments. Even in India, so many brands like Masterchow, Sprig, Urban Platter, etc have amazing varieties of chilli oils to cater to all your cravings. But if you are looking for freshly made chilli oil, you can also do that. Chilli oil recipes are fairly easy, and the best part is that you can choose the heat level, and with some tweaking, the flavours too.

Chilli oil recipes can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. When in a rush, you could use a chilli oil recipe with the simplest of ingredients like peppercorns, vegetable oil, minced garlic, and essential spices like star anise. If you intend to go for a complex burst of flavour, the chilli oil recipes can also incorporate ingredients like leek, guava leaves, ginger, and a selection of whole spices like cinnamon and cumin.

While it is widely used in Asian cuisines, chilli oil is not limited to the region. Variants of chilli oil recipes are popular all around the world and are known by different names. While the Italian version of the chilli oil recipe is called the olio di peperoncino, the one mostly used in Hispanic cuisines is called Salsa Macha.

Here are some beginner-friendly chilli oil recipes that are sure to blow your mind


The easiest of them all, and the most commonly available, red pepper chilli oil is just the chill oil recipe you need to start out. It is hard to go wrong with this one. The ingredients for this chilli oil recipe are simple and can be sourced easily too. All you need is vegetable oil of your choice, sesame seeds, salt, minced garlic, and red chilli flakes which give this red pepper chilli oil recipe its beautiful sharp colour.  
Add all the dry ingredients to a bowl and mix. Take the vegetable oil of your choice and heat it well. Add the hot oil to the dry ingredients and stir well. Let the mix sit for a few hours to let it infuse properly.
If you want to take the flavours of this chilli oil a notch higher, we suggest making it in the Chinese chilli oil way. Simply add Sichuan peppers for a smoky peppery taste, and a mix of whole spices consisting of star anise, cinnamon, and bay leaf for a spicy without increasing the heat of this red pepper chilli oil. The Chinese chilli oil recipe also uses dried ginger and Chinese black vinegar for that authentic flavour.


Known locally as olio di peperoncino, this red pepper chilli oil comes from the southern region of Calabria in Italy. As is the case with other dishes in the cuisine, this Italian chilli oil utilises the small and spicy Calabrian peppers. As the ingredients are just Calabrian chillies and extra virgin olive oil, the Italian chilli oil is a super easy chilli oil recipe that you must try. 
Chop the chillies roughly, and toast them a bit, making sure you don’t lose any seeds. Add enough olive oil to submerge the chillies, and cook on low heat for a little while. As the oil changes colour, let it cool down, and store it.


While not as famous as its Asian counterparts, this chilli oil recipe, believed to have originated in Africa, will blow your mind. Zingy and sweet at the same time, this is a chilli oil recipe that you can also use for marination, apart from regular dressing purposes. 
The beautiful herby colour of this green chilli oil comes from the inclusion of fresh ingredients. Add poblano pepper, smoked shrimp, ginger, basil, garlic and green habanero chillies to a blender to make the green base. Heat oil in a pan, and when it turns medium-hot, add bay leaf, and then the paste. Stir and cook till the oil comes on top. There you have it, an easy chilli oil recipe that goes as well as a dressing as it does as a sauce.


This chilli oil recipe from Mexico is perfect for days when you want a simple and nutty red pepper chilli oil that goes well with all sorts of dishes. It is on the hotter side, however, this chilli oil recipe also uses brown sugar to balance the heat from the traditional chiles de árbol. In a pan heat some grapeseed oil, add chopped peppers, and stir slowly. Thereafter add minced garlic, and wait till it browns a bit, and then add peanuts and sesame seeds. Once everything is stir-fried, add some vinegar and brown sugar, and turn off the heat as the vinegar evaporates. 
For a crunchier texture, once this mix cools down, put it in a blender, and blend coarsely.

1. What type of chillies are used in the chilli oil recipe? 

Chilli oil recipes often use red chillies and Sichuan peppercorn in the recipes for a smokey, spicy flavour and a beautiful red colour.

2. Is chilli oil recipe beginner-friendly? 
Chilli oil recipes are some of the easiest recipes, and hence beginner-friendly. You can always experiment with ingredients for a more complex flavour profile as you gain more experience.

3. How many types of chilli oil recipes are there? 
While red pepper chilli oil is the most popular one, there are many types of chilli oil recipes, and each cuisine seems to have one or a variant of chilli oil.

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