5 Ways To Celebrate Bhai Dooj With Your Sibling

All you need to know about the festival and ways to celebrate it.

Published On Sep 19, 2022 | Updated On Mar 02, 2024


The Bhai Dooj festival is a celebration of the bond between a brother and a sister. Similar to the Indian festival Rakhi, Bhai Dooj or Bhai Beej, as it is known in many parts of the country, solemnises a precious bond of affection. Bhai means brother, and Dooj means two days after the new moon, hence it is celebrated two days after Diwali. Siblings are our first friends, confidants, and saviours in the turbulent journey called life. Your relationship with a sibling is probably the only one where you accept as much grief as pleasure from a person, and love them all the same. A bond thicker than blood deserves more than just one festival where love between a brother and sister is reaffirmed.  

During the Bhai Dooj celebration, sisters pray for a long life, good health, fortune, and prosperity for their brothers. In return, brothers make an unbreakable promise to uphold the honour of their relationship by protecting their sisters from any challenges life throws at them.


Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on the 27th of October, 2022. An ancient tradition with mythological roots, it is believed that siblings who celebrate Bhai Dooj enjoy a lifelong bond of love and happiness. Indian festivals are nothing without our deep-rooted culture, and rich traditions, and this auspicious occasion is no different. Sisters invite their brother to their house and perform arti and apply a red tika, made from vermillion, Dahi, and rice, on the forehead of the brother. She showers flowers on her brother, feeds him sweets, and prays to God for his health and prosperity in life.

A kalawa is tied on the wrist of the brother as protection from negative energies and the evil eye. A lamp is lit facing towards the south, and gifts are exchanged as a symbol of love between the siblings. To commemorate the puja, blessings are taken from God and elders of the house.

Lost in our routine and daily hustle, we honour festivals with our loved ones to cherish lost time. And besides following traditions, this is one of the key reasons why Bhai dooj is celebrated by millennial siblings.


Some things go beyond money when it comes to honouring lifelong bonds. Let your creativity run wild with a DIY gift this Bhai beej. Hand-painted t-shirts or even a cliche ‘Best Brother’ mug will bring a smile to your sibling’s face if it’s made by you. If your artsy side has been dormant since high school, you can always reach out to staples like a gadget, smartwatch, or a classic wallet. It’s not the gift that makes a difference but the thought behind the gesture.


Break conventional rules of who gives gifts on Bhai dooj, instead give each other the gift of your uninterrupted time. A classic movie night with your sibling is the perfect way to reminisce about your bond. Whether it’s a new Netflix binge or a marathon of iconic ‘90s movies that were a crucial part of your childhood, get your inside jokes going as you spend quality time on Bhai Dooj. Make some delicious caramel and cheese popcorn to munch on because everyone needs midnight snacks on movie nights.


You don’t need to break the bank or plan a trip to Spain to spend time with your sibling on Bhai Dooj. A simple getaway from your city where just the two of you enjoy a relaxing break from your hectic routine is also a great way to celebrate the festival. With your sibling by your side, you will feel at home no matter where you celebrate Bhai beej with them.


Bhai Dooj is a celebration of the loving bond between siblings, and there is no better way to enjoy that relationship without having some fun. Whether it is a board game of Monopoly or Scrabble, or a multiplayer video game of FIFA and Tekken, games night with your favourite WWE buddy is a great way to relive your childhood memories.


You know how they say the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach; well your brother is no different. Put on your MasterChef apron and make your brother the sous chef for the day as the two of you whip up delicious delicacies for the special day. A five-course meal from appetisers to dessert is not that difficult to make when you have the best sous chef assisting you. Plus it’s a great way to bond over meals that both of you love.

However you decide to spend the special occasion of Bhai Dooj with your sibling, what matters is that you’re together. These five super easy and fun ways will ensure you have the best brother-sister time during the Bhai Dooj festival. 

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