From Kili Paul To Shooter Dadi, Here’s How Viral Song ‘Kacha Badam’ Is Transcending Cultures And Geographies

A humble peanut seller’s rhyme is now a global phenomenon.

Published On Jun 09, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The popularity of the Bengali song Kacha Badam hasn’t slowed down since it first picked up in November 2021. Popular internet sensations like Kili Paul, Priya Prakash Varrier, Shooter Dadi, others have joined the Kacha Badam bandwagon by dancing to the tunes of the viral song.

The song was originally created by Bhuban Badyakar, who used his singing abilities to sell peanuts in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. He used catchy lyrics and a groovy tune in a bid to attract more customers.

It so happened that a customer shared a video of Badyakar singing Kacha Badam online, and it quickly went viral. The video shared on YouTube has more than 20 million views.

Later, musician Nazmu Reachat created a remix version of Kacha Badam and shared it online. The remix version took the internet by storm, with many grooving to the tune. Soon many celebrities joined the trend and shared their version of dances to the popular song. Here are some awesome videos of Kacha Badam that went viral.

Viral dance videos of Kacha Badam

If you are an avid social media user, you would have come across Pablo and his 8-year-old daughter Veronica’s social media profile. With about 1 million followers on Instagram, Pablo and Veronica made a dance rendition of Kacha Badam, and in no time, the video went viral. The video has got more than half a million views.

For the unversed, Pablo and his daughter, Veronica, are from the city of Caxias do Sul in Brazil. Pablo is a dentist surgeon and dance enthusiast. He regularly shares cute dance videos with his daughter on social media.

French man Jika created ripples with his dance rendition of Telugu song ‘Naatu Naatu’. He managed to do the same with his Kacha Badam video, which has about half a million views. 

Interestingly, some of Jika’s most viewed videos have him dancing to the tunes of hit the Indian songs such as‘ Arabic Kuthu’ which has more than 2 million views. Similarly, his dance rendition of the Hindi song ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ has more than 9 million views.

Kili Paul, a social media content creator, has become a popular name in India by lip-syncing and dancing to some of the famous Bollywood songs. This time, the Tanzanian content creator impressed his fans by dancing to the tunes of Kacha Badam. The video has more than 10 million views and has got the fans excited.

Kili Paul shot to fame after his rendition of the Hindi song ‘Raataan Lambiyan’ went viral. Since then, Paul and his sister Neema have been making videos on many Bollywood songs.

Dasom Her and her mother grabbed the attention of the netizens with their dance rendition of Kacha Badam. The viral dance video has impressed the social media users, who are raving about the mother-daughter duo’s dance moves.

Dasom Her, who stays in South Korea, is an ardent lover of Indian culture and heritage. She is vocal about her love for the country.

Ricky Pond is a dancer and choreographer who has a massive fan following on social media. Recently, he danced to the tunes of Kacha Badam. The video has more than 2 million views. Interestingly, Pond had a dance rendition on the Hindi song ‘Jai Ho’. It has 1 million views.

With the Kacha Badam trend transcending borders, singer Bhuban Badyakar has achieved celebrity status. He is expected to appear on a Bengal quiz show hosted by cricketer Sourav Ganguly.

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