Upcoming Debut Music Festivals In India That Should Be On Every Music Lover’s Itinerary

As the concept of music festivals in India keeps gaining more and more fame and success, an increasing number of artists have started looking at the country as one of the major destinations for music festivals, even international ones. We bring you a few of such upcoming music festivals in India happening for the first time in the country.

Published On Oct 28, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Music is something that has always been recognized as one of the primary driving forces in the world. It exerts a force that can transform the world into a manifestation of the poets' descriptions and more. Therefore, it is only logical that music is highly revered across the globe. Whether it's classical Western music, classical Indian music, modern pop tunes, or even songs from movies, music serves as a soothing balm for the soul whenever required. Music transcends common language, nationality, or any divisive factors prevailing in today's world. It stands as one of the few remarkable entities that unite people regardless of their inherent differences. This represents just one facet of the profound impact that music has on the world.

To gain a deeper understanding of the influence of music on the world, experts have conducted numerous studies over the years, consistently revealing music's predominantly positive effects on individuals and the world in every sense. Hence, the celebration of music, and its regular observance, has emerged as a flag-bearer of fun, joy, and general merriment.
Concerning the celebration of music, India hosts a variety of music festivals aimed at honouring the spirit of music in all its forms. India has gained recognition for its music festivals, attracting organisers who view India as a suitable venue for their events. Consequently, this year, alongside the many upcoming music festivals, India proudly hosts several festivals making their debut in the country. These upcoming music festivals in India have garnered substantial attention, with attendees travelling from near and far to partake in the festivities.

The inaugural music festivals in India for 2023 have generated significant interest and excitement in the lead-up to the festival days, intensifying the anticipation for attending these upcoming music festivals in India. So, prepare yourself to attend these inaugural music festivals in India for 2023 and dance the night away to some of the most incredible music performances.

Upcoming debut music festivals in India in 2023 

The Palm Tree Festival, a brainchild of the extremely famous musician Kygo, a Norwegian artist popular all over the world for his mastery of the house music branch of world music, as well as his manager, this festival has been all the rage all over the world. Before turning its sights towards India as one of its destinations, the festival has successfully managed to create some massive ripples in the international music festival scene. With a lineup that includes prominent names such as Edward Maya, Teri Miko and of course Kygo himself along with a sizable group of equally talented artists, this festival is not to be missed.
When: November 3 – November 5, 2023
Where: Mumbai 
Tickets: Rs. 2000 onwards

SPXCEJXM, a play on the phrase Space Jam, has created waves all over India and has buzzed music lovers everywhere into high alert with their sudden announcement of their multiple-city debut festival, promising to bring some of the most amazing talents from all over the world down to India and give you a festival that will truly be unforgettable for you and everyone who attends. Boasting an impressive mix featuring the best of Indian as well as international artists such as Kodaline, Mali, Bastille, Parvaaz, Moonchild and When Chai Meets Toast among other talented musicians, this multi-genre music festival is fast shaping up to be one of the most exciting music festivals ever held in India in recent times. 
When: November 4 – November 5, 2023
Where: Mumbai and Bangalore
Tickets: Rs. 2999 onwards

Having selected a location that is stunningly gorgeous and a perfect backdrop for the music festival, this music festival aims to bring Arunachal Pradesh on the music radar right from the very first edition. A vision of DJ SYNCSYSTM also known as AUDIOGRAMME or simply as Vikrant Rathore, this well-known musician has managed to gather a lineup that includes impressive names such as SYNCSYSTM himself, Calm Chor, Folic State, and KillZen among others, promising a festival that every music lover should attend, irrespective of their preferences. 
When: November 4 – November 5, 2023
Where: Mandala Pass, Arunachal Pradesh
Tickets: Rs. 1300 onwards

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