Upcoming Classical Music Festivals In India Which Will Transport You To Musical Heaven

Strong notes, a harmonious symphony between music and the singer and melodies that will touch the deepest corners of your heart are what make classical music one of the most respected forms of music in India. To fully experience this melodious world, we bring you some of the best upcoming music festivals in India in the classic music scene.

Published On Oct 19, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Indian classical music is a source of immense pride for India's cultural heritage. Its intricate beauty is universally acknowledged and revered. Renowned maestros have captivated the world with their mastery of this art form. Indian classical music is known for its subtlety, often taking years to truly master. Its melodies have the power to transport listeners into a state of bliss, enveloped by its enchanting sounds. Whether through traditional instruments or vocal renditions, Indian classical music stands as one of the world's most exquisite musical traditions.

To support this magnificent form of music and to ensure it continues to thrive, multiple classical music festivals in India are a regular occurrence. Many upcoming music festivals in India in the classical genre are an experience that is said to be something that is simply indescribable, which is testimony to the power classical music possesses. Therefore, it completely makes sense that music festivals in India, promoting classical music are a common occurrence. These upcoming music festivals want to take classical music and make it accessible to an increasing number of the population every year. With this being said, let us dive in to explore some of the best upcoming classical music festivals in India in 2023.

The best upcoming classical music festivals in India in 2023

This classical music festival, popularly also known as the RIFF, happens every year within the stately premises of the Mehrangarh Fort in Rajasthan. One of the most anticipated classical music festivals in India in 2023, the musical festival is touted to be a unique mix of several classical music forms of India. This fact has made RIFF one of the most awaited upcoming music festivals in India.
When: October 26 – October 30, 2023 
Where: Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Tickets: Rs 5000 onwards

This classical music festival, held in honour of Tansen, a great music maestro, serves as a confluence of Indian classical music from all its different areas at one location. A highly anticipated upcoming music festival, many people look forward to this prestigious festival to experience some of the best classical music of their lives.
When: December 25 –December 30, 2023 (tentatively)
Where: Gwalior
Tickets: Free entry

Also one of the most awaited upcoming music festivals in India, the Dover Lane Music Festival started from just a small thought of a group of musicians to come together to celebrate classical music. It is this humble thought that has taken on a bigger form and has now evolved into one of India’s most respectable classical music festivals.
When: January, specific dates to be declared
Where: Kolkata 
Tickets: To be announced

This festival, introduced by the respected Pandit Ravi Shankar, is organised by the Saptak School of Music, a respected name in the field of Carnatic Music. Every year, the school holds the festival as a means to celebrate the spirit of Carnatic Music, hoping to keep it thriving as part of our rich culture. The music festival is visited by esteemed classical musicians from all over the country as part of their respect for the music art and the school as well.
When: January 1 – January 13, 2024
Where: Ahmedabad, Gujarat 
Tickets: Entry accessible with a certain donation made to the music school trust


If you want to just take a break and immerse yourself in the lovely sounds of classical music, one of the first names that will come up is this festival. Attended by some of the biggest names of the Indian classical musical scene, this festival is a true celebration of classical music, a music form that tells of the treasure trove of heritage India possesses.
When: December 14 – December 18, 2023
Where: Pune
Tickets: TBA


A music festival that is at least a hundred or more years old, this festival finds its place in the very soul of the cheerful state of Punjab. Revered as one of North India’s most important classical musical festivals, it has even been recognized by the government for its part in promoting classical music. Visit this musical festival to witness the grandeur of classical music as well as the lively cheer that is synonymous with Punjab.
When: December 24 – December 26, 2023
Where: Jalandhar
Tickets: Free of cost

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