'Tower Of God' Season 2 Release Date & Latest Update

Tower of God Season 2 is here! Climb the Tower with Bam's new disguise & intense Workshop Battles!

Published On Jun 07, 2024 | Updated On Jul 06, 2024


Tower of God Season 2 is finally here, premiering on July 7th, 2024. This long-awaited sequel picks up after a shocking cliffhanger and a significant time skip.

The story takes a new turn, introducing fresh faces alongside familiar ones. We'll see Bam, under a new disguise, continuing his ascent up the mysterious Tower. This season delves into the Return of the Prince and Workshop Battle arcs, promising even more intense challenges and power struggles.

Prepare for a shift in the visual style with a new animation studio taking the helm. Get ready to unravel more mysteries, witness the growth of beloved characters, and dive back into the captivating world of the Tower of God. 


Tower of God Season 2 boasts a returning cast alongside exciting newcomers.  Taichi Ichikawa reprises his role as Bam, our determined protagonist,  alongside Nobuhiko Okamoto returning as the cunning Khun. Fans of Rachel will be happy to hear Saori Hayami back as the enigmatic climber.

This season also welcomes a wave of fresh voices. Yuma Uchida will breathe life into Ja Wangnan, a new challenger aiming for the Tower's throne. The Workshop Battle arc will feature talented voice actors, including Sayumi Watabe as Yeon Yihwa and Yu Shimamura as Yeo Goseng. Get ready to be immersed in the world of the Tower with this stellar cast. 


The release date for Tower of God Season 2 is July 7, 2024, on Crunchyroll. The wait was long, with the first season airing back in 2020. This new season picks up right after the events of the first season's cliffhanger, but with a significant time skip adding an extra layer of intrigue.


Tower of God Season 2 dives headfirst into the Return of the Prince arc, taking place six years after the events of Season 1. The story takes a surprising turn as we meet Ja Wangnan, a determined newcomer struggling to ascend the Tower. His path collides with Bam, now operating under a mysterious disguise called Jyu Viole Grace. Together, they form a team and delve deeper into the Tower's challenges.

This season throws even more curveballs with the introduction of the Workshop Battle arc. Here, Bam and his newfound allies face off against formidable teams in a high-stakes competition. The battles promise to be intense, showcasing the growth of Bam's skills and the strategic brilliance of characters like Khun. As the season progresses, expect hidden agendas to be revealed, alliances to shift, and the true purpose of the Tower to become a central focus.

Photo: Tower of God/ IMDb