The New Mosque In Ayodhya To Be Named After Prophet’s Father

Explore everything you need to know about mosque in Ayodhya.

Published On Jan 23, 2024 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


The homecoming of Ram Lalla was celebrated with fervent enthusiasm by the entire country, epitomising the true spirit of India's secular ethos. Upholding the ethos the nation left no stone unturned to practise equality in its very essence. Yes, just as the grandiose Ram Mandir was built, a mosque in Ayodhya will be built as a replacement for the historic Babri Masjid. This mosque will stand as a testament to the nation's commitment to religious inclusivity.

As per the sources, the All India Rabta-e-Masajid and Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation have announced the name of the proposed mosque in Ayodhya to be built as a replacement for Babri Masjid. The mosque will be known as Masjid Muhammad Bin Abdullah in remembrance of the Prophet Muhammad and his father Abdullah. The aim is to build the biggest mosque in the nation which will have the capacity to hold 9,000 worshipers. The first brick was ceremoniously handed at an occasion in Mumbai, and the mosque's foundation will shortly be built.

Leading namaz in the holy mosque in Mecca, the Imam-e-Haram will lay the foundation stone for the proposed mosque. In compliance with the Supreme Court's ruling in the Ayodhya dispute, the mosque is being built near Dhannipur, which is 25 kilometres from Ayodhya, on land given by the Uttar Pradesh government.

Well, the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust was granted the disputed 2.77-acre land by the Supreme Court in November 2019, and the government was instructed to give an alternative 5-acre plot of land for the construction of a mosque. So, the mosque will be built in this space as part of the commitment by the honourable Supreme Court and Indian Government.

Haji Arafat Shaikh, a BJP leader from Mumbai,  who is the head of the mosque's development committee and a foundation trustee, revealed that the mosque in the Ayodhya complex will also house a library,  cancer hospital, universities and schools, a museum and a vegetarian kitchen where devotees will be given free meals. Additionally, a sizable aquarium with separate areas for men and women will be one of the centrepieces, located close to the ablution space.

In a recent statement to the media by Shaikh he claimed that the mosque will be more beautiful than the Taj Mahal. The grand mosque in Ayodhya will allow people from every faith and religion to experience the grandiose if not pray.

Photo: X/@IndoIslamicCF