That's Not Real: X User Points Out Fake Domino's Multiverse On Swiggy

An user on X (earlier Twitter) has exposed fake Domino's Pizza outlets on Swiggy which has startled everyone. Read to know more details about it.

Published On Feb 15, 2024 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


You may have to think twice, before ordering Domino's Pizza from Swiggy. The famous American pizza restaurant chain is known to offer pizzas at reasonable prices. A simple search of the pizza brand name on Swiggy, sparked a heated conversation on X. In a weird turn of events, a Swiggy user named Ravi Handa, discovered a slew of fake Domino's Pizza chains on the food delivery app. It raised questions on deceiving customers and trademark infringement. Handa. took to X to expose the deception via a screenshot, revealing a chain of Domino's outlets in Kolkata, with spellings tweaked subtly. He also posted a screenshot of Swiggy's app that showed many Domino's Pizza outlets that were fake.

 The gravity of the situation became intense when Handa posted another screenshot that showed a past order listing with ratings. He further wrote in a followed up post on X, "This isn't just a joke. Someone close to me actually fell for it. They realized it only after they got the delivery and saw the box". Swiggy made a note of the issue and replied by saying, "@ravihanda Hey Ravi, we'd like to have this looked into, please share your pincode over DM for us to have this checked".

Swiggy also posted a reaction and commented by saying, “Hey Ravi, we'd like to have this looked into, please share your pincode over DM for us to have this checked”. Furious netizens commented by saying people are getting duped as fraudsters have taken over. One Swiggy user also commented, "Not only Domino’s, there are a lot of fake restaurants & sweet shop duplicates! Especially renowned and old established places. I fell for it once & complained. Swiggy was kind enough to issue a full refund".

Photo: X/@ravihanda