Swipe Right: ChatGPT Helps Russian Man Match With 5000 Women On Tinder To Find Perfect One

A Russian man made use of ChatGPT not to make a presentation or to do research, but to find his life partner on Tinder. The AI chatbot helped him communicate with 5000 women. Here’s how he went through the process.

Published On Feb 08, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


When it comes to love, people will try anything. And this time around it was not a wingman or a wingwoman or a family member or even a professional matchmaker that came to the rescue. It was ChatGPT. Yes! You read it right. A Russian man on X shared his story about how ChatGPT helped him find his perfect Tinder match.

 The 23-year-old found his life partner with the aid of ChatGPT. Indeed! Looks like artificial intelligence can help you find 'rishtas' too. The name of the man is Zhadan, who posted his story on X and revealed that he has been using ChatGPT since last year to talk to a girl online to whom he later proposed. Based on his past chat history, ChatGPT re-communicated with around 5239 girls, and then removed them from the system, leaving only one that it thought could be the right match for Zhadan. Eerie right?

A software developer by profession, Zhadan, said in his tweet that finding a loved one was very difficult for him. He also remembered his breakup in 2021 after being in a relationship for two years. He realised he wanted a relationship but did not want to waste time being uncomfortable around a new partner. 

Reportedly, he was disappointed after being on Tinder dates, where he found matches from Moscow and St. Petersburg. He recounts that the women there were into excessive drinking, stubborn, and emotionally unavailable. It was then that he tried his luck with ChatGPT.

Reportedly, he had never taught ChatGPT to speak. He had faced challenges as the AI was not used to his style, leading to him not getting mature responses. As time went by, he trained the system to imitate his speech, which led him to meet his now-beloved wife, Karina. Further reports state that Karina did not know that she was talking to an AI. When she got to know the truth, she acted very calm. It is interesting to note that Zhadan did not teach ChatGPT to talk, but he helped by giving feedback. With time, ChatGPT got to know Zhadan's language and spoke in his tone. Does Zhadan's love story prove that one can find true love on Tinder?

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