'Sweet Tooth' Season 3 — Everything We Know So Far

Gus the deer-boy hunts a cure & hybrid truths, brace yourself for 'Sweet Tooth' Season 3 wild release! But before that here is all you must know about the upcoming Netflix series.

Published On May 25, 2024 | Updated On Jun 12, 2024


Alright, post-apocalypse peeps! Still kicking after that epic wait for Netflix's original series Sweet Tooth Season 3? Hold onto your antlers, because things are about to get crazier than a pack of sugar-high Bobo demons on roller skates (RIP, Bobo-mobiles, you'll be missed).

Remember Gus, the deer-boy with a heart like solid gold and a talent for attracting chaos?  This season, he's on a mission that'll blow your socks off (assuming you still have any in this crazy world) – finding a cure for the darn Sick and maybe, just maybe, uncovering the big, hairy truth about what it means to be a hybrid. Think heartwarming moments mixed with fight scenes so intense you'll be gnawing on your fingernails (metaphorically, of course, because of germs).

Nonso Anozie's Jepperd, the gruff protector, faces a shocking revelation – there might be more of his kind out there!  Will they be allies? Aliza Vellani's resourceful Bear tackles high-stakes situations and confronts the mysterious Last Men.

Sweet Tooth's magic lies in its blend of action, adventure, and relatable characters. Join the conversation. Let's dissect theories, freak out over plot twists, and celebrate Gus' return in the comments below.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 release date 


The wait is over – Sweet Tooth Season 3 lands on Netflix with a thud on June 6th. Get ready to dive back into the world of Gus, as he embarks on a thrilling new adventure.  This season promises a hunt for a cure, a deeper understanding of hybrids, and showdowns with familiar and mysterious foes. Will Gus find the answers he seeks?  What challenges await Jepperd and Bear?  

Sweet Tooth Season 3 cast 


Sweet Tooth Season 3 cast reunites our favourite post-apocalyptic heroes for another wild ride. Christian Convery returns as Gus, the ever-optimistic deer-boy determined to find a cure for the Sick and uncover the truth about hybrids. Nonso Anozie reprises his role as Jepperd, the gruff protector who faces a shocking discovery about his kind.  Aliza Vellani is back as the resourceful and sometimes ruthless Bear, who will need all her cunning to navigate the season's high-stakes challenges. The supporting cast also promises exciting developments, so be ready for familiar faces and new additions to the Sweet Tooth family.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 trailer 

The official trailer for Sweet Tooth Season 3 dropped like a post-apocalyptic bombshell, and it's got fans buzzing! We see Christian Convery's Gus, more determined than ever, vowing to find a cure for the Sick. Nonso Anozie's Jepperd grapples with a life-altering revelation – there might be more hybrids out there.

The trailer hints at a potential reunion, which could be a game-changer. Aliza Vellani's Bear remains fiercely protective, facing off against the ever-enigmatic Last Men. Fast-paced action sequences, emotional moments, and glimpses of a fantastical world gone wild leave viewers desperate for more. The Sweet Tooth Season 3 trailer is a must-watch for anyone who craves adventure, heart, and a healthy dose of the unexpected.

Sweet Tooth Season 3 teaser

The Sweet Tooth Season 3 teaser came out like a cryptic message from the hybrids themselves, leaving fans with more questions than answers. We saw glimpses of Christian Convery's Gus, his determination etched on his face, but the purpose of his journey remains unclear. Nonso Anozie's Jepperd receives a message hinting at the existence of more of his kind, sending shivers down viewers' spines.  

Will this discovery be a blessing or a curse? The teaser offers a fleeting glimpse of Aliza Vellani's Bear, ever the strategist, but the nature of the threat she faces remains shrouded in mystery. The haunting beauty of a snowy landscape fuels speculation - is this where Gus will find the answers he seeks?

Sweet Tooth Season 3 story


This time, Christian Convery's Gus embarks on a dual quest – finding a cure for the dreaded Sick and unravelling the tangled web of hybrid mysteries. But hold onto your hats, because Nonso Anozie's gruff protector, Jepperd, gets a world-shattering revelation – he might not be as last man as he thought. Meanwhile, Aliza Vellani's cunning Bear faces high-stakes challenges and a potential clash with the ever-enigmatic Last Men. Get ready for a whirlwind of action, heartwarming moments, and a world where the lines between human and hybrid are about to get seriously blurred.

Photo: Sweet Tooth/ IMDb