'Squid Game' Season 2 Release Date, Cast & Latest Updates

Will Gi-hun survive again? 'Squid Game' Season 2 is coming soon, makers tease fans with cast news but keep the trailer under wraps. Know all the details herein.

Published On Apr 14, 2024 | Updated On Apr 14, 2024


The gripping dystopian thriller Netflix series Squid Games which was the biggest hit ever, topping the charts in 90 countries and surpassing even Bridgerton is coming with a Season 2. Yes, the terrifying thrill of Red Light, Green Light will greet us again with Squid Game Season 2 — officially confirmed by Netflix.

What made it so addictive? The high-stakes games where 456 debt-ridden individuals competed for a life-changing  USD 4.56 million prize. But the real prize? Survival. Because in this twisted competition, losing meant a gruesome demise.

Fans were hooked, dissecting every detail and crafting elaborate theories about the show's shocking ending. Well, get ready to immerse in that world of childhood games with deadly consequences. Squid Game is returning for Season 2. We'll see if Seong Gi-hun, the only survivor of the first season's carnage, can finally escape the clutches of the mysterious organizers. Will he take down the game from the outside, or be forced to play again? New games, new alliances, and even more shocking twists await. Are you ready to return to the Games?

Squid Game Season 2 release date


The wait is on for Squid Game's much-anticipated season 2, while Netflix has confirmed a 2024 release, they haven't revealed a specific date yet. Filming wrapped in 2023, and whispers suggest a late 2024 premiere. So, keep an eye out for updates – with the captivating story and iconic characters returning Squid Game season 2 is sure to be a binge-worthy event whenever it drops.

Squid Game Season 2 cast


Squid Game Season 2 brings back some familiar faces alongside a fresh batch of players. Lee Jung-Jae reprises his role as Seong Gi-hun, the desperate winner of the first season, while Lee Byung-hun returns as the enigmatic Front Man. We'll also see Gong Yoo again as the business card-wielding Salesman who recruits players. 

New additions include Jung Ho-yeon (likely in flashbacks as Kang Sae-byeok) and Wi Ha-jun, whose detective Hwang Jun-ho may have infiltrated the organization. A whole new group of actors will portray the fresh batch of contestants, including established Korean stars like Yim Si-wan and Kang Ha-neul. With a mix of returning veterans and rising stars, Squid Game Season 2 cast promises a captivating new chapter in the deadly games.

Squid Game Season 2 trailer

Although Netflix is keeping fans on the edge of their seats by holding off on the official Squid Game Season 2 trailer, they did recently fuel the anticipation with a cast announcement video. This glimpse into the returning and new actors gives viewers a chance to speculate on their roles and potential alliances. While it doesn't offer the heart-pounding action sequences a full trailer would, it sets the stage for the upcoming season and throws a spotlight on the talented individuals who will be bringing the next round of deadly games to life. This strategic move by Netflix keeps the hype simmering while leaving plenty of room for surprises when the real trailer finally drops.

Photo: Squid Game/ IMDb