Spooky Adventures: Best Horror Movies In Tamil To Watch For Every Horror Movie Buff

Horror movies are the guilty pleasure of so many people. Full of jump scares, gasp-inducing moments and a suspenseful plot that will keep you on the edge of your seats, horror movies are a treat to watch. We bring you some of the best horror movies in Tamil for your next movie night.

Published On Jan 02, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Horror movies can be a real thrill for those who love a good scare. While not everyone enjoys them, fans know they can get your heart racing and keep you glued to the screen. In India, there are many types of movies made in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. Among these, Tamil movies have some real gems, often making it to lists like the top ten Tamil dubbed horror movies dubbed list These lists highlight the best of the best, giving fans great recommendations. If you're looking for some spooky recommendations, especially from the Tamil industry, we've got you covered with some of the best horror movies in Tamil.

Best horror movies in Tamil to watch

One of the best ghost movies in Tamil, this movie is surely one which has been garnering reviews that make it a must-watch. With the movie admittedly having a sense of humour that is not for everyone, this horror comedy will surely make for an interesting movie night. Add this movie to your watch list if you are feeling experimental with your choices in horror movies.

With an intricate plot that will leave even the most iron-hearted spooked, this movie is a journey. Hands down one of the best ghost movies in Tamil, this movie is a marvelous mix of fine storytelling, brilliant acting and a strong plotline. Undoubtedly one of the best horror movies on Netflix in Tamil, watch this movie for the mind-boggling chain of events that will leave you simply stunned.

This movie belongs to the old Tamil horror movies list, but makes for a thrilling watch. One of the best of Amazon Prime’s horror movies in Tamil, it follows a young woman, the female lead, as she makes a spontaneous trip to her grandmother’s mansion, to escape an unwanted marriage proposal. With her being inundated with ghost sightings, tag along as she goes up against the spirits to survive, making for some truly spooky sequences along the way.

Another amazing part of Amazon Prime’s horror movies in Tamil, with a stellar cast and a strong storyline, will be one of the best horror movies you will have watched. When a father reaches out to his estranged brother known to have nefarious motives to save his child, all hell breaks loose. Balancing the supernatural evil and evil found in humans, this movie will surely leave you impressed.

A recent release and instantly one of the best horror movies on Netflix in Tamil, Chandramukhi 2 is a tale of the royal past of a palace and the tragedy that eventually struck. A story that mixes horror with folklore such as curses, tantriks, etc. this movie will reel you in with its story and the never-ending reveals, scares and twists. A major hit, this movie is a must-add to every horror buff’s watch list.

Another movie that belongs to the old Tamil horror movies list, this horror comedy will have you equally scared as well as laughing at the antics of the clumsy ghosts. Following a plot where the main lead, the owner of a supposedly haunted house, sends four of his acquaintances to stay there to rebuff these rumours. But when they encounter said ghosts, chaos ensues.

When a good-hearted school teacher, the female lead, with no sense of smell frees a parrot from its cage, she catches the attention of the male lead, who is now determined to marry her. While she wants him to stay away believing herself to be unworthy, mysterious happenings around her leave her questioning everything. With a shocking twist, this horror movie is sure to leave you impressed. 

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