Rock n' Roll Never Dies; Sting Stuns At Lollapalooza 2024

From chart toppers to cult favourites, Sting makes a mark at Lollapalooza 2024 with his iconic tracks.

Published On Jan 30, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


There are a couple of things music lovers already knows about Englishman Gordon Sumner, popularly known at Sting:

  • The nickname comes from an inside joke his former band members, The Police, had. It comes from a black-and-yellow striped sweater he used to wear during his early music career which made him looked like a bee.
  • Before he was rocking away on the stage, he was working as a schoolteacher, teaching at English at St. Catherine's Convent School in Newcastle.
  • The rock legend can play multiple instruments, including bass guitar, guitar, saxophone, and synthesizers; dabbling in ¬†various genres, including rock, jazz, reggae, and classical.

But one thing Sting fans were made privy to on day 2 of lollapalooza 2024 is that the veteran singer is sucker for nostalgia!

Performing his classics for a rousing crowd, Sting energetically swayed to chart toppers like Desert Rose, Fields of Gold, Shape of My Heart, and A Thousand Years. But when the saker anther masquerading as a love song Every Breath You Take came on, there was a collective energy of nostalgia and mirth in the crowd.

Nothing less can be expected by the multiple Grammy winner whose known for putting up immersive performances that elicit string emotions from the crowd. And while other heavy hitters like The Jonas Brothers and Halsey impressed the crowd, it was the energy-packed closing act by Sting that music lovers seemed to be high on by the end of day 2. A testaments to Sting's long musical career spanning decades and iconic status among music enthusiast, Sting's Mumbai stint will go down in history as one of the concert greats!

Photo: /InstagramTheofficialsting