Pocket Pleasures: All You Need To Know About Compact Sexual Wellness Accessories

That's not a bullet lipstick in her purse! Here's everything you wish you already knew about compactly built, travel-size sex toys.

Published On Feb 14, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Wouldn't it be great if you can shrink your sexual partner into a mini version of themselves and carry them around in your backpack all time? Apart form being the recipe for a 90s-themed fantasy film, the role of a ‘constant companion on the go’ has been taken up by technology in the modern world. And leading the pack are compact, travel size sex toys which seems to have become a handbag essential for many. And whether you already on a bullet massager that your mother mistook for a lipstick or not, there are some things you need to know about these picket-sized pleasure heroes. 

The past decade has seen increasing acceptance around sex toys and sexual wellness conversations in general. Both metro and tier-2 and 3 cities boast of incredible numbers. “From the very first day, one thing that was most obvious was that even a mention of the word ‘sex’ in public turned heads around; and it wasn't necessarily out of appreciation,” reveals Aastha Vohra, founder Manzuri. Since then, the brand has focused on building a library of content that has reached over 2 million people. 

The efforts align with the company's mission of transforming discussions around sex into dinner table conversations to normalize the topic. In the early stages, when Manzuri began as an Instagram page discussing women's pleasure, the company received enormous queries. This indicated that people were not receiving comprehensive education from societal sources such as schools, parents, or friends. Instead, individuals were turning to non-authenticated information on the internet, posing potential dangers in such a situation.

In their early days, the brand faced challenges, including being shadow-banned on Instagram, rejected by Internshala, banned from LinkedIn, and facing rejections from various payment gateways. Despite these obstacles, the e-commerce startup achieved almost 100 per cent month-over-month growth without having a payment gateway set up. The ban on LinkedIn was eventually lifted, with the platform now actively promoting sex-positive content. Aastha credits and acknowledges the support of the community in overcoming these challenges and emphasises the need for Indian startups to embrace progressiveness, especially in the context of legal and customer demand for sexual wellness products. 

Fun fact: Manzuri's sale of vibrators* draws a comparison to Hyundai's sales of its Verna car. Now that's something worth bragging about!

*Manzuri does not currently manufacture its products and that the majority of items are imported from China, the US, or Europe.

…lie compact sex toys!

“Let’s face it, there is still a taboo in India when it comes to sexual freedom,” confessed Anushka Gupta, Co-founder, MyMuse. Talking about their offering Mini, she further said that in a society where pleasure is often a behind-the-scenes affair, compact-sized toys become friendly rebels – subtle, approachable, and perfect for those who wish to explore discreetly. Unfortunately, a majority of pleasure seekers remain hesitant to discuss or share their bedroom adventures. While this taboo is gradually disintegrating, larger toys are presently discreetly kept, and smaller, more subtle ones provide a way for users to explore without the fear of discovery. Compact sex toys, being less intimidating than larger massagers, hold greater appeal, particularly for first-time users. This makes them more attractive to customers, especially in a country like India, where awareness and access to sexual wellness products have been significantly under the radar.

The inspiration for a pocket-sized pal like Mini stemmed from recognising the need for accessible and discreet pleasure options. The brand received numerous comments from its community, expressing a demand for something beginner-friendly, affordable, and, significantly, compact. In response to the busy nature of life, constant mobility, and the varying comfort levels of individuals, the brand realised that not everyone sought a larger and more conspicuous massager that required concealment. While maintaining the belief that all their massagers are discreet, they aimed for Mini to be the easiest to use, the most affordable, and, naturally, the most compact, ultimately catering to the evolving preferences and lifestyles of their customers.

Despite what scandalous American teen movies will have you believe, you do not have to have an embarrassing encounter with a massive, life-like dildo to start your sexual wellness journey. Compact tools are their to ease you into it. “Since the concept of talking about sex toys publicly is a relatively new phenomenon, we needed to make sure that the products were approachable instead of daunting for a first-time use,” confesses Manzuri's Aastha. 

According to her, there are three things that can get you started on the compact life:

  • Discretion: Recognising the conservative nature of Indian society, prioritizing discreet designs.
  • Targeted Stimulation > Speed: Emphasizing the importance of powerful yet targeted stimulations over speed, ensuring a pleasurable experience for users.
  • Accessibility: Ensuring affordability for all, with product prices range from INR 500 to INR 29999. Intentionally catering to diverse needs, from college students to those with specific requirements.

MyMuse's Anushka gives and insight into the form and function of compact sex toys with an anecdote from their own product line. In their quest to create an uncomplicated yet elevated pleasure product, the team at MyMuse set their sights on the ubiquitous bullet massager. Drawing from their experience in delivering high-quality, powerful, and well-designed massagers, they infused the traditional bullet with a MyMuse spin to birth the sleek and palm-sized Mini. Through meticulous design and testing, they introduced a silicone finger band that not only maintains the massager's simplicity but enhances the user experience, making it feel like a seamless extension of themselves. This innovative addition not only distinguishes them from competitors but also opens avenues for more involved partnered play.

When selecting the right product for you, ensure that it is crafted from 100% medical-grade silicone, with thorough health and safety checks for reliability and safety. Don't aim to replace larger massagers; instead, choose one that complements your collection, providing a simplified yet satisfying experience. Compact builds are ideal for those desiring a straightforward and accessible massager without compromising on pleasure—perfect for beginners, collectors, and enhancing travel or solo experiences. Look for enhanced features, such as the unique silicone finger band in MyMuse's 'Mini,' making usage more convenient and eliminating the challenge of holding it in place for extended periods. The finger band allows Mini to feel like a natural extension, enabling intuitive movement and comfortable rhythm-building, facilitating easy use with partners. 

Here's to more naughty times!

Photo: My Muse