OTT Thrills: Amazon Prime’s New Releases That Are Perfect For A Night In

The OTT scene in India has gotten very exciting, much to the delight of the audiences. New web series and movies are regularly released on numerous streaming platforms, with Amazon Prime being a favourite. Let us suggest some of Amazon Prime’s new releases to add to your watch lists.

Published On Feb 23, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


In the past few years, the entertainment industry has evolved from just TV and the cinema. Ever since OTT was introduced, it has ushered in a new age for audiences to watch web series, movies, documentaries and more. Especially during COVID-19, when everything had come to a screeching halt, OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime and many others continuously brought content that made the lockdown phase go smoothly. Even before, a mix of original works and streaming existing movies and shows kept the audiences charmed. In the last couple or so years, however, there has been a boom in existing titles being brought onto these OTT platforms and original works being exclusively produced. Moreover, upcoming movies on Amazon Prime and web series are already garnering anticipation. The most recent movies on Amazon Prime and TV shows are also garnering rave reviews from the audiences. So, add these Amazon Prime’s new releases to your watchlist and get watching.

Here are a few unmissable Amazon Prime’s new releases to watch

One of Amazon Prime Video’s new releases, this series is a remake of the hit Hollywood movie of the same name starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The series was created by Donald Grover, who also stars as the male lead, with Maya Erskine as the female lead. This series is just the thing to watch when in the mood to watch a light-hearted and thrilling series.  
Streaming from: February 2, 2024

This action movie is set in the pre-independence era. Led by Dhanush, a renowned actor known for his fine skill, the movie is also hailed as an astute political drama. The script and screenplay of the movie are said to be so excellent that you will not find one instance where the movie does not have you captivated.
Streaming from: February 9, 2024

Another movie among Amazon Prime Video’s new releases, this feel-good rom-com is the perfect movie for your next home movie night with your partner. Following the female lead as she goes on a journey, literally and metaphorically, you will be cheering for her as the movie progresses. A typical rom-com with a meet-cute moment and chemistry that will make you swoon, add this new-age love fest to your watchlist for a good time.
Streaming from: February 9, 2024

One of the most recent movies on Amazon Prime, the movie unfolds when the business-oriented female lead goes home for her sister’s engagement party and unexpectedly gets told by a fortune-teller that the success of her struggling family business is linked to her love life and that she will meet her soulmate as soon as within five dates, she has no choice but to go along her family’s matchmaking to save her grandmother’s teashop. Go along this hilarious journey with the heroine to see if she ends up with her soulmate or loses her beloved teashop. 
Streaming from: February 13, 2024

Created by ace filmmaker Karan Johar's digital agency Dharmatic, this anthology series is a charming collection of real-life love stories from the lanes of India. The six-episode series, helmed by different directors follows the couples as they recount how their love conquered all. Standing out among Amazon Prime’s new releases, it has been collecting positive reviews from the audience. A mix of real-life footage and recreating some scenes, this series will make you all warm and fuzzy. 
Streaming from: February 14, 2024

Starring Jennifer Lopez, the musical movie shares its name with the pop diva’s ninth music album. The movie has Jennifer Lopez in her element, portraying her romantic journey from her perspective. An eclectic movie with elements of fantasy, comedy, drama and romance with a sprinkling of music throughout, it is almost a biographical visit down memory lane. The movie is as Jennifer Lopez as a project can get.
Streaming from: February 16, 2024

An upcoming crime series on Amazon Prime, this is a hard-hitting tale of the poaching practice that still runs rampant and continues to pose the biggest threat to wildlife. Highlighting elephant poaching, this series is highly anticipated. Taking inspiration from a real-life case where a forest officer turned himself in for being an accomplice to a ring of poachers running a massive operation nationally and internationally. Depicting the reality and the far-reaching consequences of this evil, this series is a must-watch.
Streaming from: February 23, 2024

One of the most awaited upcoming movies on Amazon Prime, this period drama with Sara Ali Khan in the lead is set in the colonial era. The movie tells of how a young girl and her radio show became integral to the Indian freedom struggle. Inspired by real-life events, Sara Ali Khan’s role is based on the life of Usha Mehta, a freedom fighter and her contributions to the fight for Indian independence.  
Streaming from: March 21, 2024

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