'Maxton Hall' Season 2 – Everything We Know So Far

'Maxton Hall' Season 2 explodes onto Prime Video! Get ready for exciting secrets, romance, and a guaranteed social media meltdown.

Published On Jun 14, 2024 | Updated On Jun 14, 2024


Did someone say – ‘social media meltdown’? Because Maxton Hall Season 2 is officially hitting Prime Video, we can already feel the internet buzzing.

Remember those longing glances exchanged across the Maxton Hall cafeteria? The near-confessions whispered in hushed tones? Well, be ready because Ruby and James's forbidden romance is about to take centre stage. Will their love story defy the odds, or will their worlds collide in a spectacular social supernova?

Maxton Hall Season 2 promises to be a heart-pounding rollercoaster ride of secrets, scandals, and enough drama to fuel a Shakespearean play (minus the tights, hopefully). We’re here to dissect every stolen glance, decipher cryptic text messages, and theorise about the next shocking revelation.

Maxton Hall Season 2 release date


Maxton Hall Season 2 is officially a go on Prime Video, but the release date is still playing coy. While we eagerly await the official drop, fire up those prediction engines. What explosive secrets and social media-worthy scandals will unfold in Season 2?  

Maxton Hall Season 2 cast 

Maxton Hall/ IMDb 

See your favourite Maxton Hall faces return for season 2, leading the charge Harriet Herbig-Matten as the fiercely determined Ruby Bell and Damian Hardung as the brooding yet charming James Beaufort. Expect the return of Sonja Weißer's icy yet captivating Lydia Beaufort, Andrea Guo's enigmatic Lin Wang, and the rest of the Maxton Hall crew. Some new characters will also join the cast as per the potential industry whispers.

Maxton Hall Season 2 story 

Maxton Hall/ IMDb 

Maxton Hall Season 2 will dive into the heart of Mona Kasten bestselling ‘Save Us’.   Returning stars Damian Hardung (James Beaufort) and Harriet Herbig-Matten (Ruby Bell) lead the charge as they delve deeper into their forbidden romance. This season promises to be a whirlwind based on the second book in the trilogy, with James grappling with a devastating family secret that threatens to tear him and Ruby apart. Be ready for emotional turmoil, shocking revelations, and of course, the return of the enigmatic Lydia Beaufort and the rest of the Maxton Hall crew. Will love conquer all, or will their worlds collide? Prepare to have your theories tested when Season 2 hits Prime Video.

Prime Video just dropped the first taste of Maxton Hall Season 2 with a brand new poster, and let's just say it's fueling the fire of anticipation. While details remain shrouded in secrecy, the poster itself is a masterpiece of intrigue. Is that a flicker of defiance in Ruby's eyes? And what secret sorrow lurks beneath James's aristocratic facade? Seemingly, Prime Video has masterfully played on our Maxton Hall obsession, and with the release date still under wraps, the online story machine is already in overdrive.

Photo: Prime Video/ Instagram