'Mandala Murders' Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More

Killer mandalas? Vaani Kapoor hunts a secret society in Netflix's 'Mandala Murders'.

Published On Apr 29, 2024 | Updated On May 06, 2024


Forget serene sand mandalas washed away by the tide. Mandala Murders on Netflix plunges you into a world where these intricate symbols take on a deadly twist. Vaani Kapoor, in her digital debut, sheds her glamorous persona to become a detective on the hunt for a killer. But the trail of blood leads not to a lone perpetrator, but to a labyrinthine conspiracy orchestrated by a hidden society. 

As she delves deeper, the detective discovers a connection between the murders and the ancient symbolism locked within mandalas. Prepare to question everything you think you know because, in Mandala Murders, enlightenment comes at a chilling price. Are you brave enough to enter the web of illusion?

Mandala Murders release date 


While the exact release date for Mandala Murders remains a mystery, shrouded in secrecy like the show's plot itself, whispers suggest it will be gracing Netflix sometime in 2024. Yash Raj Films, the production company behind the series, has teased its arrival as coming soon so anticipation is building.

Mandala Murders cast 

Mandala Murders assembles an intriguing cast. Leading the charge is Vaani Kapoor, stepping into the world of streaming for the first time as a tenacious detective. Opposite her is Vaibhav Raj Gupta, though his role remains shrouded in mystery. Adding depth to the story are Surveen Chawla and Jameel Khan in prominent parts. With only these names revealed, the full ensemble is sure to be packed with talent, ready to draw you into the suspenseful world of Mandala Murders.

Mandala Murders trailer 

While an official trailer for Mandala Murders hasn't dropped yet, anticipation is simmering. Yash Raj Films has released a teaser poster showcasing a hauntingly beautiful mandala, its intricate patterns hinting at a darker truth. Whispers are rife about the trailer's arrival, with fans eagerly waiting to see glimpses of Vaani Kapoor's fierce detective and the unsettling world she navigates. Once the trailer surfaces expect a heart-pounding montage of cryptic clues, ritualistic imagery, and the chilling realisation that mandalas might hold a more sinister purpose than meets the eye.

Photo: Mandala Murders/ IMDb