Learn All About The Music Prince Arijit Singh’s Net Worth And Income Per Event

Check out the net worth and income of Arijit Singh, one of India’s most accomplished playback singers.

Published On Apr 17, 2024 | Updated On Apr 17, 2024


Renowned for his classic romantic songs like ‘Tum Hi Ho’ from Aashiqui 2, Arijit Singh is an Indian playback singer known for his soothing romantic renditions. He was an ordinary boy when he first came to the limelight in the reality show Fame Gurukul, back in 2005. His relentless practice of the art and magical voice have brought Arijit to a stage where he is now regarded as the King of Playback Singing. 
With his down-to-earth personality, humility, and sheer passion for the craft, Arijit Singh has carved his name in the list of exceptional Indian artists for posterity. From back-to-back hits to killer concerts, Arijit rules the world of modern Bollywood music. If you're wondering what Arijit Singh's net worth is or how much he charges for a concert, scroll down for all the details.

Blessed with a soulful and versatile voice that has been groomed to perfection with years of riyaaz, Arijit Singh is an immensely popular singer. The legend AR Rahman himself agrees that Arijit is the best musician in our country today. He has been declared the most-streamed Indian musician on Spotify from 2020-2023 and rightly so because his songs are a vibe in themself! Not only are Arijit’s songs full of emotional depth and nuanced music, but his songs have a timeless melody that's rare to find today. 
Before we dive into Arijit Singh's salary details, let us look a little at his life. Arijit was born on 25 April 1987 to Kakkar Singh, a Punjabi Sikh father and Aditi Singh, a Bengali Hindu mother. His birthplace was Jiaganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal. Arijit came from a musical background and began his career at the tender age of 18 when he participated in the music reality show Fame Gurukul in 2005. Although Arijit didn’t win the show, he managed to win people’s hearts with his voice and impeccable singing.
His first movie playback happened in 2011 when he sang the song 'Phir Mohabbat' for the movie Murder 2. During the same time, he sang songs from 'Duaa' from Shanghai, 'Raabta' from Agent Vinod and 'Uska Hi Banana' from 1920: Evil Returns. Arijit’s popularity rose with the tracks 'Tum Hi Ho' and 'Chahun Main Ya Naa' from Aashiqui 2 in 2013, and he has been on an upward spiral ever since. Arijit Singh's wealth is a testament to the hard work and great music he has given the industry for the last decade. Singh has been recognised for his talent and honoured with several accolades including seven Filmfare awards, and National Film Award, to name a few.

Thanks to his consistency and good music, Arijit Singh's wealth has been abounding. Arijit has 4 houses to his name in a Versova building with an estimated worth of Rs 9.1 crores (as of 2020). Arijit Singh's net worth is also inclusive of this exquisite car collection which includes a Range Rover Vogue (1.8-4 crore), a Hummer H3 (70 lakhs), and a Mercedes Benz (57 lakhs - 1.5 crore), among others.

Talking about Arijit Singh's salary, the star has an estimated yearly income of Rs 72 Crores and a monthly income of Rs 6 Crores. As per the Forbes celebrity list, Arijit made Rs 71 Crores in 2019. Arijit Singh's fees are reportedly Rs 10 lakh per Bollywood movie song and Rs 1.5 crore for a concert that runs up to one hour.

Known as the master of romantic songs, Arijit Singh gave us the hit song 'Kesariya' from Brahmastra in 2022. Over the years, he has sung songs across genres in languages like Bengali, Hindi and Tamil. Under the guidance of Rajendra Prasad Hazari, Arijit earned his knowledge of classical Indian music. Today, he is celebrated for his golden voice and refined musical gift. 
After 'Tum Hi Ho' in 2013, Arijit’s career has witnessed unfathomable heights of success, justifying and making up for the initial days of struggle. Some of the popular hits that make Arijit Singh's concert charges so huge include 'Aayat,' 'Soch Na Sake,' 'Laal Ishq,' 'Channa Mereya,' and 'Phir Le Aya Dil.'

The king of playback singing, Arijit Singh fees aren’t affordable for all. If you wish to have Arijit perform for a private event, be prepared to be charged close to Rs 50 lakhs. Arijit is one of the highest-paid singers today and therefore the Arijit Singh concert charges are close to Rs 1.5 crores for a one-hour show.

The glorious Arijit Singh's net worth is because of his unparalleled talent and magical voice. He is a true musical master with over a decade’s experience in playback singing, composing and producing music. His estimated net worth is around 52 crores INR (as of 2022) and his annual income is speculated to be around Rs 8 crores.

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