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KK’s Sudden Demise Leaves India’s Music Industry Stunned

Unexpected. Sad. Shocking. Unbelievable. These are some of the few reactions from Indian music industry as they come to terms with KK’s passing.

Debarati S Sen

The entire music industry has slipped into mourning as it loses yet another gem on Tuesday. After Lata Mangeshkar, Bappi Lahiri, pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, the industry said goodbye to KK, playback singer par excellence.

The 53-year-old singer performed live at the iconic Nazrul Mancha auditorium, in Kolkata, till 8.30pm, on Tuesday (May 31) after which he went back to his hotel and complained of discomfort. When his condition deteriorated further which, he felt unwell and went back to his hotel. When his condition deteriorated further, KK was taken to CMRI hospital and was declared dead on arrival.

His sudden and untimely demise has left music lovers and the Hindi film music industry shaken. 

“His tonal quality was very different from other Bollywood singers,” lyricist Kumaar.

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This news was heart breaking and I still cannot believe he is no more. KK was a great friend to me. We would always have a fabulous time whenever we had music sessions together. He was a very jolly, kushmijaaz and happy person. I have been very lucky that he has sung my songs in his career.  Tu Bhoola Jise from Airlift, the title song of Desi Boyz and many others. KK will forever be in my memories and his voice will linger on. The industry has lost a great voice. His tonal quality was very different from other Bollywood singers. Aisi awaz doosri thi hi nahi industry mein. 

“He was humility personified and extremely down to earth," singer Swati Sharma.

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The word ‘dukh’, sadness, is not enough to explain what I feel when I think of the news of KK Sir’s demise last night. I have just been feeling numb; couldn’t even cry or weep. Right in the beginning of my career, I got a chance to sing a song with KK Sir. It was from the film Ek Tera Saath and the song was Pakeeza. Sir itne zyada humble the ki he agreed to sing with a complete newcomer from Muzzaffarpur, Bihar who didn’t have a single song released till then! Not just that, he was so kind, and I still remember the sweet smile he always had. He was humility personified and was extremely down to earth. He not just sang but also ensured that he encouraged me. It was the encouragement that every young singer needs during the early stage of their career. He praised me and my songs and I can never forget that day. I can never forget how he made me feel. That meeting with him is etched in my memory for life. I am sure he will be happy and at peace wherever he is. I pray God gives his family the strength to face this difficult time.” 

“In the current scenario, there is no singer that has his kind of vocal calibre," singer Kumar Sanu.

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This is so shocking and I still can’t believe that he is no more. A singer like him is rare. In the current scenario, there is no singer that has his kind of vocal calibre. He had incredible versatility and he was perfect for any kind of genre. His nature was incredible, always friendly, happy, kind. He would always respect elders. This is a tremendous loss for Bollywood music industry. He was always fit physically, and I can’t believe he is no more. 

“He had a different style, a different adaygi,” singer Anup Jalota. 

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This is so sad. Recently renowned Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala was murdered and last night on of the most melodious singers, KK, left us. KK’s ki awaz apni ek alag maulikta liye hue thi. He had a very different voice. He had different style, a different adaygi. He had a great stage presence as well. I am devastated by his demise and pray to God ki unki aatma ko shaanti mile and unke parivaar ke logon ko Shakti mile. 

“KK's vocal expertise made an unmusical word like ‘bardaasht’ musical,” lyricist Sudhakar Sharma.

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KK was a terrific singer. He sang my song Bardaasht Nahin Kar Sakta from Humraaz. When Himesh Reshammiya made this song, we had decided that it had to be KK who would sing this. This song went on to be nominated for the Filmfare awards. KK sang this song so beautifully that an unmusical word like Bardaasht, he made it musical with his vocal expertise. His death is a huge loss. There were so many plans that I had of singing with him but now none of that will happen. 

“KK sir's music will always live on, we will aIl make sure of that,” singer Sukriti Kakar. 

What is happening! What a devastating week this has been. This shouldn’t have happened. It’s really unfair. KK Sir’s music will always live on, we will all make sure of that. We will take very long to process this loss. It feels personal. Grateful to be born in the era where we could enjoy his music. My deepest condolences to his family, relatives and all his fans.

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“We lost a legend too soon,” singer Prakriti Kakar.

This is devastating. I trembled after hearing what I would never want to hear. We lost a legend too soon. KK sir was a singer who has blessed us with his voice. He defined a whole generation of music for us. A singer who sang with such ease and honesty that following music as a profession seemed easy. Immortal is he and immortal is his music. Rest in Power, my dear KK sir.

“He was the legend who has made everyone's childhood a memorable one,” singer Stebin Ben.

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I feel numb and shattered. Taking a pause from everything and remembering the legend who has made everyone’s childhood a memorable one. I grew up listening to him and after hearing that he is no more, I just went blank. Cannot really understand what this year is going like. We have lost some of the finest gems in the industry and this only concludes that life is unpredictable. I am sure angels above will have a great time listening to your voice. Rest in paradise sir.

Photo: Instagram and respective spokespersons


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