Iconic 90s Hindi Songs To Add To Your Playlist

A bit of evergreen melody, a bit of nostalgia, these 90’s Hindi songs are perfect to add to your playlist.

Published On Nov 30, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The charm of Hindi songs from the 90s is unmatched. May that be duets where iconic singers like Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan would create a soulful melody or chart-topping dance numbers we would memorise the steps to, 90s Hindi songs had us obsessed.

It also helped that instead of the easily accessible streaming, the top old songs of Bollywood in the 1990s were only available to us in the form of cassettes or CDs, making the collections one’s prized possessions. It is also the decade that saw the rise of everyone’s beloved composer AR Rahman who brought unique sound design to his music, new voices like Sunidhi Chauhan who were not afraid to experiment, and a revolution in terms of Indi-pop Hindi Music with artists like Shaan and Lucky Ali.

Here are some of these much-loved Hindi 90’s songs that deserve to be added to your playlists

This track is a poetic masterpiece. Period. The phase of a new relationship can have us all feeling anxious and give us just the right amount of excitement to be happy at the same time. Well, that's exactly what 'Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho' captures - The essence of a new romantic buildup. Let’s not forget how beautiful Aishwarya Ray, the diva herself, is looking in this song. This era was full of such legends in their peak moments. If there were a list of best romantic Hindi songs from the 90s this song would definitely make the cut.

Before we talk about this 90s Hindi song, let’s talk about Karishma Kapoor and her glamorous fits, she rocked cutouts before they were even trending. Now, getting back to the track, this song accurately captures how love at first sight takes you by surprise in your life. It is agreed that it may be extremely difficult to find people who still believe in the concept of ‘Love at first sight’ but as long as hopeless romantics who love such songs exist, the hope stays alive.

At first, it may seem completely nonsense but boy is this Hindi 90s song catchy, the beats to this song give you an instant burst of energy. You will seriously catch yourself humming these lyrics in the most random situations. Although this song is about heartbreak, nobody has ever felt bad after listening to it as it fills you up with this positive force. Hence, a great choice for Karaoke or road trip playlists with friends and family.

It's in the name of the song itself! The ultimate victory anthem, this song made us learn that no matter our weaknesses if we think we can, we will succeed. It gave us the strength and motivated us to enjoy the phase that may be hard while reassuring us that everything gets better with time. This song will surely give you a whole lot of happiness and by the end of it either you’ll be singing along or have a big smile across your face. Our suggestion, let this one play on high volume and make all your worries disappear.

This 90s Hindi song had all the elements to make it a banger as it had Malaika Arora and Shahrukh Khan’s dope dance moves that too on the top of a running train paired with legendary Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman’s beats. How could we have resisted ourselves not vibing to this song? To this day this song remains a frequent go-to in various events and will surely never be forgotten- – because, let's face it, we're all secretly dancing on a moving train in our hearts!

To all the 90’s kids out there, how about we give you some serious nostalgia? This was not even a song while growing up, in today’s world it would be called a trend. The linesAe kya bolti tu’ became a conversation starter and a spoof in daily life of students or for that matter people of all ages who heard and enjoyed this song. So many memories were made out of this duet 90s Hindi song that a tally cannot be made. One thing is for sure, this song definitely gave us reasons to enjoy a little gangster lingo in our lives.

Apart from these Bollywood bangers, Hindi 90’s songs also consisted of these Indipop chartbusters that made these artists household names

Ready for some Punjabi tune-in? 'Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha’ is a total banger that turns any gathering into an instant party. The beats are so infectious; that you can't help but groove. It's that one track that makes you forget your two left feet and dance like nobody's watching. Whether you understand Punjabi or not, this song's energy is universal – it's all about good vibes and killer rhythms. So, next time it plays, just let loose and enjoy the Punjabi magic!

This soft 90s-old Hindi song will surely make you hymn the lyrics and feel good along with its music. Catching up with old friends and listening to this song can lighten up your mood in no time. A classic song that displays how beautiful lyrics paired with a great form of singing can make a simple song into a legendary one.  

This song has ruled all the weddings, receptions, and parties that took place after it came out and to date, it's used to fuel big crowds as it comes with a full tank of energy and just pumps you towards having a great time. And if you are big on Punjabi party songs, Apache Indian has just made a comeback after 20 years alongside Yo Yo Honey Singh and we are all here for it.

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