Here Is Everything We Know About Dharma Production’s Upcoming Movie Mr. And Mrs. Mahi

Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor are starring in the upcoming movie, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. The movie is said to be a biography of MS Dhoni, an Indian cricketer and former captain of the Indian Cricket Team. Here is all there is to know about Mr. and Mrs. Mahi.

Published On Apr 12, 2024 | Updated On Apr 18, 2024


Sports-based movies have always been a hit in India, and if the movie is about cricket, it is bound to be a blockbuster. As a country that loves cricket with all its heart, cricket-based movies have always been a success. Some cricketers have a special place in everyone’s heart. One such player is MS Dhoni. An excellent cricketer and a fine sportsman, MS Dhoni has been ruling over the hearts of every cricket-loving Indian for years. So, when Dharma Productions announced Mr. and Mrs. Mahi by Dharma Productions, excitement among the audience ran high. Announced in May 2022, Mr. and Mrs. Mahi has been a long time coming. While much of the updates about the movie are still under wraps, this biography on MS Dhoni teases the role the cricketer’s wife, Sakshi Dhoni, has played in his journey as one of the leading pillars of Indian Cricket for so many years.

By the very title, the audience can assume that this movie will not just follow the journey of MS Dhoni alone but Sakshi Dhoni, too. As of yet, there is only a teaser giving a hint about the movie's plot. Since it already differs from the usual sports movie that only focuses on the sportsperson, the expectations from the Mr. and Mrs. Mahi movie are high. What adds to these expectations is the reunion of Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor on the silver screen. The actors will come together in lead roles opposite each other after the 2021 horror movie Roohi. One of the freshest pairings in Bollywood, the two actors are all set to revive their old history in the Mr. and Mrs. Mahi movie. Janhvi Kapoor shared a couple or so pictures of the BTS of the movie shoot and her hard work, determination and perseverance. The actress also sustained shoulder injuries but powered through it all to complete the shoot successfully. This dedication of the actors has made the anticipation for the Mr. and Mrs. Mahi release date, 31st of May 2024, so much more.

As the Mr. and Mrs. Mahi movie promises to showcase the connection and the bond between MS Dhoni and Sakshi Dhoni, fans are excited to experience the new chapters of the MS Dhoni success story for the first time. Though the Mr. and Mrs. Mahi trailer is yet to be released, the fans are excited to watch the movie in theatres. While the original Mr. and Mrs. Mahi release date had to be postponed a couple of times due to unavoidable circumstances, the excitement for the movie remains constant. This is proof of the love and respect people have for MS Dhoni and his contribution to Indian cricket.

With the release date just a few days away, the Mr. and Mrs. Mahi trailer is expected to drop any day now. The trailer is expected to hype the movie even more than it is right now and will shed more light on the plot line of the movie, and the chemistry between Rajkummar Rao and Jahnvi Kapoor in their roles. What makes for an interesting observation is that Jahnvi Kapoor teased fans with her batting practices, which has created even more curiosity among people regarding her role. Get ready to experience the staggering journey of MS Dhoni and his biggest cheerleader, his wife, Mrs. Sakshi Dhoni, in theatres on the 19th of April.

Photo: Instagram/dharmaproductions