'Gutar Gu' Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More

'Gutar Gu' returns for season 2! Spice up your life with Ritu & Anuj's love story & a dash of culinary drama.

Published On May 02, 2024 | Updated On May 02, 2024


Imagine a world where butterflies erupt not just in your stomach from love, but from the fiery spices in a sizzling competition! That's the world of Gutar Gu, and guess what? Season 2 is ready to serve up another helping of delicious young love and culinary chaos. The star couple, Ritu and Anuj, are back, this time hotter than a freshly chopped habanero. Remember their first blush of romance amidst the clatter of pots and pans?

Gutar Gu Season 2 promises to turn up the flame on their connection, throwing in new challenges that will test their bond and maybe even their taste buds. So, are you ready to laugh, cry (from laughter or the onions, we won't judge), and crave a midnight snack? Gutar Gu Season 2 is here to steal your heart (and maybe your appetite). 

Gutar Gu Season 2 release date 


The wait is almost over for fans of the heartwarming teen romance Gutar Gu! While an exact release date hasn't been announced yet, filming for season 2 wrapped up earlier this year and it's confirmed to premiere on Amazon miniTV sometime in 2024.  This means we can expect to see Ritu and Anuj's love story unfold in the coming months. 

Gutar Gu Season 2 cast 

Gutar Gu season 2 reunites the fan-favourite on-screen couple, Ashlesha Thakur and Vishesh Bansal, who reprise their roles as Ritu and Anuj. We can expect to see their sizzling chemistry take centre stage once again.  While the full cast hasn't been officially revealed, it's likely that some of the familiar faces from season 1, like Ritu's supportive parents and Anuj's quirky friends, will return to add their unique flavours to the story.  There's also the possibility of new characters entering the mix, perhaps new competitors in the culinary challenge or classmates who add fresh dynamics to Ritu and Anuj's world.

Gutar Gu Season 2 trailer 


Unfortunately, there isn't an official trailer out for Gutar Gu Season 2 just yet.  However, based on the news and teasers, we can anticipate a glimpse of Ritu and Anuj navigating the complexities of their young adult relationship. Spicy cooking challenges will likely be back, with shots of sizzling ingredients and determined faces. We might also see some funny moments hinting at the return of Anuj's goofy friends and Ritu's supportive family.  

Gutar Gu Season 2 story

Gutar Gu Season 2 is anticipated to pick up where the first season left off, with Ritu and Anuj stepping out of their comfortable bubble of teenage romance. Having navigated the pressures of school and the sweet awkwardness of first love, they now face the challenges of young adulthood. College applications, career aspirations, and evolving expectations within their relationship all come into play. The season promises to explore how they navigate these changes, both individually and as a couple.  

Will their love story withstand the heat of new responsibilities and potential outside influences? And will the competitive spirit return, perhaps with a new twist on the culinary challenges they once faced?

Photo: Gutar Gu/ IMDb