Gobi Manchurian Gets Banned In Goa And Here's Why

Planning to go to Mapusa, Goa and gorge over a plate of hot Gobi Manchurians? Sadly, you will not be able to relish the same. Read to know about its recent ban in Goa.

Published On Feb 06, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Who does not love fast food? From Chinese, Indian, Korean; all of us have a palate for a particular type of cuisine. Snacks such as samosas, golgappas, papdi chaat, fries, etc, are evergreen favourites. Similarly, the Gobi Manchurian is a cherished and a relished street food dish in India. Now, how on earth did this popular snack get banned? But it has happened. 

In Mapusa, Goa this has caused a stir, and it might make you frown to know that this dish is now banned in Goa. 


Tarak Arolkar, Mapusa councillor reportedly was the first one to address the issue. He suggested on the ban of cabbage when he had visited Bodgeshwar temple. After getting support from the folks there, Mapusa area also faced an imposition of a ban. It was implemented due to the unhygienic conditions in which the dish was prepared with the use of synthetic colours, washing powder and sauces which were questionable. It is interesting to note that the Gobi Manchurian is one of the go-to-snacks for vegetarians, but people in Mapusa have declared it as their enemy.


For a culinary rebellion has brewed in Mapusa and roadside stalls have been serving as the war ground. The humble Gobi Manchurian becomes the centre of attraction in this battle. Interestingly, last year reportedly six stalls selling Gobi Manchurian were closed in Ponda's Kapileshwari in Goa, post complaints from localities over unhygienic practices. What are your views about the recent ban on Gobi Manchurian?

Photo: Shutterstock