'Farzi' Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast And More

Here is all you need to know about Shahid Kapoor's Amazon Prime web series 'Farzi' season 2 release date, cast and storyline.

Published On Mar 20, 2024 | Updated On Mar 27, 2024


Farzi, the mind-blowing crime-comedy of Shahid Kapoor on Amazon Prime Video is coming back with Season 2. Last year, Farzi smashed it, becoming the most-watched Hindi web show of 2023 with a crazy 37.1 million viewers. No wonder they're making a sequel — Farzi season 2. Seems like Raj & DK, the director duo are behind all our favourite shows - they're like, on fire right now!

For the unversed, Farzi is the story of a struggling artist Sunny who becomes a counterfeiter to save his grandpa's printing press. Things get even wilder when Sunny gets tangled with the big baddie, crime lord Mansoor Dayal. To make matters worse, his girlfriend Megha — who works at the RBI, no less, might have some info Sunny desperately needs.  But guess who's hot on his trail? Michael, the head of the anti-counterfeit task force, is played by the awesome Vijay Sethupathi.

The whole season was a wild chase! Sunny and his buddy Firoz barely escaped Michael's clutches every time.

Farzi season 2 release date

Farzi/ IMDb

Raashii Khanna who played Megha Vyas, spilled some news on Farzi's season 2 release date, during an interactive social media session, claiming she talked to the director, Raj sir, and he hinted that filming for Season 2 might start sometime next year. That means we could be watching Farzi 2 by the end of 2025. That's a long wait, but hey, at least we know it's coming.

Also, when someone asked about the release date, Shahid Kapoor dropped this hilarious line: "ART banana mein time lagta hai kachra jaldi ban jata hai" (It takes time to make art, garbage gets made quickly), with a funny face emoji, of course.

So, it sounds like Shahid's hinting that creating an epic season like Farzi takes some serious effort, unlike, you know, just throwing things together. This cryptic message only got everyone even more hyped for Season 2!  

Story of Farzi season 2

Farzi/ IMDb

Remember how Shahid Kapoor's character, Sunny, jumped on that train in the nick of time? Yeah, Farzi Season 2 will dive straight into the aftermath of that crazy escape.

Shahid Kapoor himself dished that the directors, Raj & DK, did this whole plotline plan on purpose. Why?  Because they knew exactly how much it would make us want Season 2, and how much wilder they could take the story.

Farzi/ IMDb

Get ready to reacquaint yourselves with your favourite characters because, as per the reports, the whole season 1 gang is coming back for season 2.

That's right, Shahid Kapoor will be back as Sunny — the art-loving counterfeiter, alongside Vijay Sethupathi's hot-on-his-tail cop, Michael.  We'll also see Bhuvan Arora return as Sunny's loyal partner Firoz. Amol Palekar's mysterious Naanu is back in the mix, plus the ever-so-devious crime lord Mansoor Dayal, played by the legendary Kay Kay Menon. And of course, Raashi Khanna's enigmatic Megha will be back to stir things up.

Photo: Farzi/ IMDb