Unleash Your Inner Laugh: Top Telugu Comedy Movies to Watch Now

Comedy movies are a sure-shot way to cheer up instantly. An amazing way to destress, watching comedy movies is never a bad idea. We bring you some of the top-most funny Telugu movies to add to your watch list.

Published On Jan 02, 2024 | Updated On May 16, 2024


Comedy serves as a refreshing escape from daily stress, making comedy movies universally cherished across industries. While they may seem effortless, creating a top-notch comedy demands immense talent and precision. In India, beyond Bollywood, regional film industries like Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam excel in producing standout comedies. Telugu funny movies, renowned for their impeccable comic timing and engaging storylines, promise an entertaining movie experience. Dive in to discover some of the must-watch comedy movies in Telugu, perfect for group gatherings or a relaxed solo viewing.

Funny Telugu movies that you must watch

A full-on action-packed entertainer, this movie is one of the best family comedy movies in Telugu. Following the adventures of the male lead, a good soul who believes in the power of truth and how he navigates his life, the movie will have you laughing non-stop. How the male lead balances his life and deals with twists that change his very life, is what makes up the rest of the plot of this hilarious movie.

A coming-of-age comedy movie that follows the life adventures of four friends as they start their adult life, this is one of the most well-received recent comedy movies in Telugu. Following a plot that will get youngsters relating while also laughing with the characters and enjoying their journey as if it is their own, this movie is a must-watch, especially with your friends.

This is a movie about a young man, the male lead, and how he deals with his life, his ambitions, and his dissatisfaction with his current status. The journey he goes on from wanting to realise his high ambitions to the gradual appreciation for his life is expertly peppered with comedic relief and sequences that will have you laughing uncontrollably. One of the best family comedy movies in Telugu, this is a movie that is perfect for your next family movie night.

One of the most loved Telugu movies on OTT, this is the story of Lucky, the male lead, a scientist who is madly in love with his girlfriend but is also keeping a secret from her. Always in fear of his secret coming out and ruining his relationship, watch as he handles one comical situation after another to stop his girlfriend and her family from ever finding out his secret and the hilarity that ensues.  

One of the recent comedy movies in Telugu that has received praise from the audience and critics alike, this movie is about Miss Shetty, a headstrong chef and her desire to remain single and Mr Polishetty, who just wants to settle down with the partner of his dreams. The fireworks that go off when these two come across each other lead to some truly comedic situations, while making the movie a wholesome watch. Perfect for when you want to watch a cute, romantic comedy, this one is a must-add to your movie watch list.

Another hilarious romantic comedy, this movie follows a couple, with the guy, the male lead, being a Hindu Brahmin and the girl, the female lead being a Christian. They hide their relationship from their parents for their love to grow from strength to strength. Chaos and comedy ensue when the respective families of the couple discover their lies and their relationship comes out in the open. With one hilarious situation after another, you are in for a laughter ride with this movie, rightfully one of the most popular Telugu movies on OTT.

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