'Blue Lock' Season 2 Release date & Latest Updates

'Blue Lock' Season 2 arrives in October. Get ready for new players, wild rivalries, and Isagi's striker showdown!

Published On Jun 04, 2024 | Updated On Jun 04, 2024


Remember that feeling after the Blue Lock season one finale? Jaw on the floor, heart hammering, and a desperate need to yell at someone (probably Ego) about the Blue Lock cliffhanger? Well, hold onto your cleats because Blue Lock Season 2 is sprinting, ready to deliver a whole new level of striker-survival insanity.

We all saw Isagi and his ragtag team facing off against the legendary International Five in the anime series. Now, witness the clash, the sweat, and the glorious chaos that erupts, but that's just the opening whistle. Blue Lock isn't done dishing out surprises. New players are joining the bloodbath, bringing fresh egos to the table and shaking up the already volatile dynamic. Imagine battle-hardened veterans forced to adapt to these hungry rookies – it's gonna be a tactical chess match on a soccer field. So, are you up for a ride through all things Blue Lock Season 2, you need to know?

Heads Up: Blue Lock is an anime adaptation of the acclaimed sports manga series written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura.

Blue Lock Season 2 release date


The highly anticipated Blue Lock season 2 release date is set for this October. Similar to the first season, season two is anticipated to consist of 24 episodes. That's right, be ready to explore the aftermath of their clash with the International Five, the introduction of new players with egos as inflated as their ambitions, and Isagi's relentless pursuit of becoming Japan's ultimate striker.

Blue Lock Season 2 cast


The striker showdown is about to get even more crowded. Blue Lock season 2 welcomes both familiar faces and fresh blood to the Blue Lock Project. We'll see the core cast, including the ever-evolving Isagi and his determined rivals like Chigiri and Barou, return to the pitch. But keep your eye out for exciting new additions like Eiji Mikami as Yo Hiori, alongside Kakeru Hatano as Nanase Nijiro. Who are these mystery players with egos that rival a mountain range? One thing's for sure, their arrival promises to shake up the established dynamic and force everyone to adapt or be left behind. 

Blue Lock Season 2 teaser


The Blue Lock Season 2 teaser is a potent shot of adrenaline for any soccer anime fan. It throws you right back into the heart-pounding intensity of the Blue Lock Project. We see glimpses of the epic clash between Isagi's team and the legendary International Five, the tension practically dripping off the screen.

But the teaser doesn't dwell on the past for long. It quickly shifts gears, showcasing the arrival of new players with a fire in their eyes and a hunger to prove themselves. The final shot is a close-up of Isagi, his expression a mix of determination and something more uncertain. Is he ready for the challenges that lie ahead? The teaser doesn't give us the answer, but it sure gets the blood pumping for the full season.


You can watch Blue Lock Season 2 on both Crunchyroll and Netflix. So, if have already subscribed to either platform, you'll likely be able to witness Isagi's journey and the egotistical battles unfold from the comfort of your couch. 

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