World War Z, Contagion and Other Hollywood Movies Based On Virus Outbreaks

Pandemic movies that show us how to grapple with fear and overcome them.

Published On Feb 17, 2022 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


We are all aware of how COVID-19 has dangerously affected all facets of our life—then be it our physical health and mental health or economic and social being. This pandemic has forced each and every one of us to stay locked inside our homes. Not an easy feat, right?

Well to make this reality a little easier, we suggest taking the help of cinema—especially movies based on pandemics. These virus outbreak movies cover real-life situations like people’s reactions to illnesses, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, and so on. With stellar climaxes and frequent victory over enemy viruses, these movies also give us hope that we shall, indeed, overcome. On that note, let’s give you the five pandemic movies on OTT platforms that you can watch right now:

This is one of the best action-thriller movies, based on Max Brooks best-selling novel which showcases how humanity survives a zombie apocalypse. It’s a visual spectacle of an unknown zombie virus that starts spreading in the whole world! The talented Brad Pitt is the main lead in the movie. He and his family take refuge on a US Navy vessel and Pitt is tasked to investigate how the outbreak happened and what can be an apt solution to minimize its disastrous effects. Pitt leads dexterous research to find the source of the infection to halt its mass spread—and this phenomenal feat is what makes it a must-watch movie.

This is a rip-roaring pandemic movie, one that will hit close to home as it deals with a virus outbreak similar to COVID-19. The story is about a lethal virus that is discovered after the death of Beth Emoff and her son. Soon a global pandemic rages as the virus is transmitted by respiratory droplets. Contagion has a great plot where the US Centres of Disease Control and Prevention along with the doctors try their best to curb the spread, but can’t stop the panic as the virus rejects cure and started spreading to millions. Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Laurence Fishburne are in the lead cast. 

This movie is scary enough to give you goosebumps, as it draws your attention to a reporter and the cameraman who get trapped in a building, which is quarantined by the CDC because of an outbreak of a mysterious virus. The deadly mutated strain spreads fast amongst the occupants of the building, making them bloodthirsty killers. The reporter and cameraman duo continue to record the events inside the building as things unfold. The star cast of Quarantine includes Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez, Columbus Short, and Greg Germann.

This American medical disaster movie is a tense thriller where a dangerous airborne virus threatens civilization in the USA. This virus is smuggled through a monkey from Africa, and this clever thriller movie brings to you the struggle of scientists, doctors, and the army to end the virus outbreak. Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman are in the lead star cast. The movie is inspired by The Hot Zone written by Richard Preston. A must-watch epidemic movie, Outbreak is available on Netflix. 

A science-fiction fantasy based on a time travel paradox—that’s 12 Monkeys for you! James Cole (Bruce Willis), one of the human survivors after an epidemic, travels back in time from the 2030s to the 1990s to gather information about the virulent catastrophe. He is searching for the troop of 12 monkeys who are suspected to have released the virus. The movie will give you a whole different experience as a virus eradicates the human race, forcing survivors to live underground. Brad Pitt also stars in this film as an animal rights activist. 


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