Best Bollywood Horror Movies You Need To Watch For The Ultimate Scare Fest Marathon

Horror is a genre loved by many people in India. The proof is the many horror movies Bollywood has made over the years, that were loved by both critics and the audiences. Read on to learn more about the best Bollywood horror movies.

Published On Apr 28, 2024 | Updated On Jun 18, 2024


Bollywood horror movies are a vibe. While some movies may miss their mark, hit Hindi horror movies have always intrigued fans and been loved by the audience. Over the many decades of Bollywood, many directors have ventured into the horror genre and produced several horror movies. Many of them have become some of the best Bollywood horror movies. Movies like 13B: Fear Has A New Address, Darna Zaruri Hai and more have become famous horror movies, with some even gaining cult status among fans. There is something exhilarating while watching hit Hindi horror movies. The scenes with genuine scare will make you jump in shock and momentary fear, making your experience more fun. The tight storytelling, the actors' apt timing and the scary twists and turns make for some of the best Indian horror movies, which become fan favourites for the years to come. Whether you explore an old or a new Bollywood horror movie, a good horror movie will give you all the chills and make you gasp along the jump scares. Here are our suggestions for Bollywood’s top 10 horror movies every horror fan should watch at least once.

Here are some of the best Bollywood horror movies for a spooky movie night

One of the finest horror movies by Bollywood’s horror specialist director, Ram Gopal Varma, Kaun is hands down among Bollywood’s top 10 horror movies of all time. This horror movie is not the usual ghost story but a twisted story with shock-inducing twists and turns. The excellent storytelling and performance by the cast make this movie a treat to watch.

Probably the first movie to come to mind when one speaks of Bollywood’s horror movies, this classic movie has achieved a cult status among the audience. Even after decades of being released, this movie has maintained its name on almost every best Hindi horror movie list. Raaz is one of the few Bollywood horror movies which are not lacking in any department and make for a genuine scary watch. Get ready to grab onto the arm of the person sitting next to you.

Another Ram Gopal Varma movie, the thing that sets apart this horror movie is that, unlike some other horror flicks, there are no isolated scares in this movie. Instead, you will find an underlying sense of horror all through the movie, with some extra scary moments to make you scream. This continuing sense of suspense makes this movie very captivating to watch. The way this movie unfolds makes it one of the best Indian horror movies.  

Another famous movie of the horror genre, this cult-classic movie has also gained its fair share of notoriety among fans. If you have not yet watched this movie, watch it for the suspense that ties in the horror engulfing the main cast throughout. One of the most popular horror movies of its time, this is perfect if you want to watch an old-school horror movie.

A very Bollywood-style movie, this is the complete package for you if you want to watch a masala Bollywood movie, which is also a horror movie. While you will get the scares and twists of a typical horror movie, you will also find the glitz and style a 2000s movie was famous for.

An underrated hidden gem among the famous Bollywood horror movies, this movie is a movie which will slowly reel you in. Based on paranormal stories and myths, the world this movie weaves is so well laid out and complemented by the excellent acting of the star cast that you will find yourself fully reeled in as the movie progresses. The tight story, skilled performance by the cast and the overall suspense make this movie easily one of the best Indian horror movies.

Based on the urban myths of ‘Nale Ba’ that plagued Bangalore some time back, this movie is an amazing horror-comedy. Effortlessly mixing comedy with horror and edge-of-the-seat suspense, the fine acting of the cast is what makes this movie a masterpiece. One of the lighter horror movies, this will make the perfect choice for your next movie night.

Another hidden gem, this period horror movie is based on local folktales and myths. It is the story of a family across generations as they defy the Gods and face the terrible consequences that follow. This movie has earned rave reviews from critics and international movie festivals, making it a must-watch.

A new Bollywood horror movie compared to others on this list, this fascinating story revolves around a girl who goes from being a helpless child bride to a mysterious young woman. Set against a background of spooky and unexplained deaths happening in the village, watch this riveting movie if you want to watch something different than just another horror movie.

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