Beat Airport Stress With These Popular Podcasts In 2024

You’re probably not unaware of the all the drama going on at various airports with flights getting cancelled or delayed, not to mention angry passengers. How about tuning out of that and tuning into these podcasts instead?

Published On Jan 19, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Significant airline delays and cancellations have occurred recently in India's major cities, leaving travellers stuck and inconvenienced. There have been long-haul flight delays, people being turned away from airports, and people left stranded on aerobridges without basic supplies in recent times. If you have been stuck at the airport lounge for long hours due to flight delay, we have come up with podcasts you should check out, which will help to calm your mind.

Even if there's not much you can do about the weather, traffic, or the apparently never-ending queues at the airport, you can at least make sure you have entertainment or at least something to divert your attention from the chaos while you're waiting in line. Podcasts are therefore the ideal traveling companion.

See below for a list of the top 10 podcasts to listen to while being stranded at the airport.

In 2019, BeerBiceps, aka Ranveer Allabadia, launched The Ranveer Show with the goal of improving the lives of his listeners. He holds lengthy conversations with incredibly intelligent and accomplished people from the nation in each episode. They discuss their lives and the mentality that has enabled them to succeed in their current roles. If you're looking for some inspiration, this is the ideal podcast to listen to.

Streaming platform: Spotify, Amazon Music

RedHanded explores horror and true crime stories with the hosts Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala's signature humour, charm, and smart commentary, making it the perfect place for anyone looking to get their fix of all things spooky and criminal.

Streaming platform: Amazon Music

Have you ever wished you could perform to the best of your abilities? In High Performance, radio host Jake Humphrey and eminent high-performance specialist Professor Damian Hughes discuss the secrets of success with athletes, writers, and entertainers.

Streaming platform: Amazon Music

The podcast Batman Unburied tells the fictional tale of the Harvester, a serial killer that terrorizes Gotham City. For ardent Batman fans, this podcast is the epitome of escape.

Streaming platform: Spotify

One of the most well-known podcasts ever is The Joe Rogan Experience, which is presented by comedian Joe Rogan. A variety of famous people are invited by Rogan to talk about anything from current events to entertainment. You can always rely on this podcast to provide a new perspective to public discussions and to have an impressive lineup of guests.

Streaming platform: Spotify

One excellent source of literary brilliance is the New Yorker: Fiction podcast. A current New Yorker staff member reads a short story by a past New Yorker writer in each new episode of the podcast. As a result, listeners may enjoy creative fiction and hear from some of New York City's best writers in this insightful and clever podcast.

Streaming platform: Spotify

Parenting Hell, a comedy double-act features British comedians Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe. In each episode, the two comics discuss their experiences of parenting difficulties and engage in conversation with other well-known parents about their strategies for navigating the ups and downs of parenthood.

Join presenters, Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy, for weekly episodes of The Therapy Crouch, a popular podcast that aims to make you feel better. They talk about the difficulties that they and listeners face in the world of complicated relationships. Expect lots of laughter as well as tears, trauma, and tantrums in this safe haven where nothing is off bounds.

Office Ladies is hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kingsey. This podcast analyses every episode of The Office, providing listeners with humorous behind-the-scenes information and amusing insights from the iconic show's filming.

Streaming platform: Amazon Music

An excellent podcast on awful marriages is Trashy Divorces. This program provides a light-hearted and enjoyable synopsis of several failed romances. Some episodes cover well-publicized celebrity divorces that seem right out of an airport magazine, while others concentrate on less well-known but no less fascinating marriage mistakes.

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