A Round-Up Of The Top Pop Culture Moments That Took Over 2023

2023 has been marked with major comebacks, hard-to-miss viral moments and even some surprises that nobody saw coming. And since the year has come to a close, let's take a look back at the most buzz-worthy pop culture moments of the year relive their glory one last time!

Published On Dec 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


2023 has come to a close and what better way to celebrate than look back at the year that was to anticipate what the year (2024!) will be. As far as popular culture goes, the year gave us the opportunity to witness viral moments that transcend beyond the internet's “news cycle”. We're talking explosive comebacks from superstars, history-making events that drew the attention of millions and of course, endless supply of meme-worthy reels that had everyone hit ‘share’. Below, we're recapping the year with the top pop culture moments that had all Indian moms ask about Zendaya at NMACC, “Is she your friend?”

Few can claim super stardom like Shah Rukh Khan has done, but the recent years saw the actor be involved in activities behind the camera rather than front. But 2023 saw three of his films hit the theaters, re-igniting the trend of audiences flocking in millions to catch the shows on the big screen. Adding Pathaan, Jawan and Dunki to his filmography, Shah Rukh is the most talked-about performer of 2023. 

King Khan isn't the only one which can be credited with the resurgence of movie theatres as the go-to to consume cinema. Same release dates of Oppenheimer and Barbie proved to be a cinematic event as any. Two films that were poles apart saw audiences opt of double features on the same day, dressing up in their best crossover #Barbenheimer garbs to catch the shows. The general consensus seems to have been to bask in the Nolan's visual masterpiece and then move on to Gerwig's incredible re-imaging of the beloved doll—what order did you do the marathons?

When fashion's ‘IT’ girl Zendaya stepped on the NMACC red carpet, the last thing she expected was the absolute butchery of her and beau Tom Holland's name. Call it a “weird sense of humour”, but the snippets of chants of ‘Nick Jiju’ andm ‘Tomya Holland’ had more hits than what the celebrities posted themselves. If a red-carpet experience like never before what was on the invite card for international celebrities, then they sure got that served at the NMACC opening night.  

The Met Gala has been meme-fodder since the dawn of social media. From Rihanna's now iconic omlette memes to PeeCee's first appearance, the Met never disappoints. However, this year's Met had not one but four cat-inspired looks. Jared Leto in his Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's pampered pet, what the obvious choice to pay homage to the man bed the theme. But it's when Lil Nas X, Doja Cat and 
Janelle Monáe turned up in their cat-themed looks too, that the ‘meowification’ of the Met Gala was complete. 

She's an icon, a queen…are the words that have been uttered about the absolutely resplendent Zeenat Aman. The actress debuted her Instagram profile this year and did not wait a day to make its aesthetic her own. From sharing tidbits from her contributions to the golden age of cinema and casually sharing editorial features, Zeenat Aman and give the best ‘Insta girlies’ a run for their money.

With shows like The Crown, offering a fresh perspective on the values and relevancy of monarchs in the modern day, it was indeed eventful to witness the grandeur of Charles III's coronation. Its serendipitous to have the coronation coincide with the airing of the new season of the show which incidentally dealt with Princess Diana's death, one of the most sombre times in the history of the Royal family. Some call it fate, we call it excellent television programming!

2023 saw an iconic figure in entertainment history talk about her incredible life. Pamela Anderson, the woman who graced the college walls of almost every 20-year-old college student, revealed the truth behind the infamous events of her life in the documentary titled, Pamela, A Love Story. Some revelations are shocking, some very predictable from an industry that is known for exploiting women for the sake of entertainment. The absolute class act that is Pamela has since been doing the rounds in fashion weeks and events barefaced, crushing unrealistic beauty standards while at it.

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