Surya Fan Alert! Here Are The 9 Suriya Sivakumar Films You Must Watch

Binge-worthy list of 9 BEST Sriya Sivakumar (Surya) movies to watch in 2024. Action, drama, comedy - we got it all! Don't miss out!

Published On Jun 14, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Suriya Sivakumar is an amazing actor who is loved by audiences for his talent to play different types of characters seamlessly. When he acts, he adds life to the character he plays. Suriya Sivakumar works hard and always gives his best in every movie. He can make people laugh, cry, or feel a plethora of emotions with his acting skills creating a big impact on people with his performances. As the actor turns a year older, it's only fitting to celebrate his journey and revisit his best movies. Happy birthday Suriya Sivakumar!

Friends is one of the nicest and oldest Suriya Sivakumar movies. It revolves around the friendship between three friends. Suriya Sivakumar's portrayal of a lively and caring friend adds warmth and depth to the movie, making it a delightful watch.

Kaakha Kaakha is an intense and gripping police procedural film starring Suriya. He portrays a determined and dedicated police officer with utmost conviction. Suriya's performance is commendable, capturing the complexities of his character with precision. The film delves into the challenges and sacrifices of being in law enforcement, balancing thrilling action sequences with emotional depth. Kaakha Kaakha is a powerful and engaging film that showcases Suriya's ability to bring depth and authenticity to his roles.

It goes without saying that on Suriya Sivakumar’s birthday, one must watch Perazhagan. It is a film featuring Suriya Sivakumar in a dual role. Suriya delivers a fantastic performance, portraying contrasting characters with conviction. The movie combines elements of comedy, drama, and action, showcasing Suriya's versatility as an actor.

Ghajini is a gripping action thriller that captivated audiences. Suriya's portrayal of a man suffering from short-term memory loss seeking revenge is nothing short of brilliant. He flawlessly transitions between vulnerability and intensity, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. The film's engaging storyline, thrilling action sequences, and Suriya's exceptional performance garnered critical acclaim. His dedication to the character, from the physical transformation to the emotional depth, added layers of authenticity. Ghajini remains a landmark film in Suriya's career, showcasing his versatility and establishing him as one of the finest actors in the industry.

Among Suriya Sivakumar's best movies to watch is Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. It is a beautiful love story. Suriya Sivakumar's performance in the film is heartfelt and emotional. The chemistry between him and co-star Jyothika is remarkable. The movie explores themes of love, relationships, and sacrifice, leaving a lasting impression on audiences with its poignant storytelling.

On Suriya Sivakumar’s birthday, we have to tell you about Vaaranam Aayiram. Vaaranam Aayiram is a remarkable film starring Suriya Sivakumar in dual roles, showcasing the journey of a father and son. Suriya's performance is exceptional as he effortlessly transitions between the two characters with distinct personalities. The film beautifully captures the complexities of relationships, love, and loss. With its heartfelt narrative, soulful music, and Suriya's brilliant acting, Vaaranam Aayiram remains a memorable and emotionally engaging cinematic experience.

Another one of Suriya Sivakumar's best movies to watch is Singam. Singam is a high-energy action film starring Suriya Sivakumar as a dedicated police officer. Suriya's intense performance and charismatic presence make the movie entertaining to watch. The film combines thrilling action sequences with a strong storyline, making it a popular choice among fans.

This is one of the more recent films of Suriya Sivakumar. Soorarai Pottru is a compelling film based on the inspiring real-life story of Air Deccan founder G.R. Gopinath. Suriya delivers a captivating performance as he portrays the struggles and determination of the protagonist. The movie celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship and is a powerful tale of chasing dreams against all odds.

When revisiting Suriya Sivakumar movies, it is impossible to skip Jai Bhim. Jai Bhim is a thought-provoking film that sheds light on social injustices and caste discrimination in society. Suriya delivers a powerful performance, bringing to life the struggles and triumphs of the protagonist. The movie inspires viewers to stand up against inequality and fight for justice.

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