9 Bookstores In Bengaluru For All Your TBR Lists

Whether you are seeking a quiet corner to browse through classic literature or an opportunity to connect with local authors, Bengaluru's bookstores have something for everyone.

Published On Aug 11, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Bengaluru, the 'Silicon Valley of India', is not only known for its technological prowess but also for its vibrant literary culture. The city boasts a rich history of literature, and its love for books is evident in the numerous bookstores that line its streets. From quaint independent stores to sprawling outlets, Bangalore's bookstores cater to every book lover's passion and curiosity.

Here are the best bookstores in Bengaluru, where bibliophiles can discover hidden treasures, lose themselves in the aroma of printed pages, and find solace in the magical world of books

Blossoms Book House, a legendary landmark on Bengaluru's Church Street, is a paradise for book lovers. This quaint bookstore houses an extensive collection of both new and used books, spanning various genres and languages. The charm of Blossoms lies in its labyrinthine corridors, where shelves upon shelves of books transport visitors into a world of literary wonder. The store's unique layout and friendly staff create an inviting atmosphere, making it a favourite haunt for book enthusiasts and writers alike.

Nestled in the bustling Indiranagar area, Bookworm is a beloved independent bookstore that has won the hearts of bibliophiles. The store prides itself on its carefully curated collection, showcasing a diverse range of fiction, non-fiction, and children's books. Bookworm's warm ambiance and personalised service add to the delightful experience of browsing through the shelves, discovering literary gems, and engaging in conversations with like-minded book lovers.

Atta Galatta is not just a bookstore but a cultural hub that celebrates literature, art, and music. Located in Koramangala, this vibrant space hosts literary events, book readings, and discussions that draw authors and readers together. The bookstore itself features an impressive collection of Indian and regional language books, with a focus on contemporary literature and regional authors. Atta Galatta's inviting ambiance and creative vibe make it a must-visit destination for book lovers seeking a holistic literary experience.

Landmark, situated in Forum Mall, Whitefield, is a popular destination for bibliophiles seeking a vast selection of books across genres. With a spacious layout, Landmark offers an extensive range of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, and children's books. The store's relaxed ambiance and comfortable seating areas provide an ideal setting for bookworms to lose themselves in their favourite reads. Landmark also hosts book launches, author interactions, and literary events, further enhancing the bookstore's appeal.

Sapna Book House, located on Residency Road, is one of Bengaluru's oldest and most well-known bookstores. This multi-level store caters to a diverse audience, with a comprehensive collection of books in various Indian and international languages. From bestsellers and academic textbooks to regional literature and graphic novels, Sapna Book House caters to every reading interest. The bookstore also offers a delightful selection of stationery and gift items, making it a one-stop destination for book and art enthusiasts alike.

Goobe's Book Republic, situated on Church Street, is a haven for independent publishers and alternative literature. The bookstore focuses on promoting local authors, niche genres, and non-mainstream publications. Visitors can discover unique works of fiction, poetry, and art, often unavailable in mainstream bookstores. The cosy ambiance and personal attention from the friendly staff create an inviting space for readers seeking literary exploration beyond the mainstream.

Gangarams Book Bureau, located on M.G. Road, is one of Bengaluru's oldest and most renowned bookstores. Established in 1888, this iconic bookstore has been serving generations of book lovers with its vast collection of books across genres and languages. From classics to contemporary bestsellers, academic textbooks to rare editions, Gangarams has something for everyone. The store's historic charm, knowledgeable staff, and enduring legacy make it a must-visit destination for all book enthusiasts.

Eloor Lending Library, nestled on Brigade Road, is more than just a bookstore; it is a cultural institution that has played a pivotal role in promoting reading and literature in Bangalore. With an extensive collection of books available for borrowing, Eloor offers an economical and accessible option for voracious readers. The lending library also has a dedicated bookstore section, where visitors can purchase books from various genres. Eloor's unique model of reading and sharing books makes it a cherished destination for book lovers of all ages.

Premier Book Shop, located on Avenue Road, is a treasure trove of rare and hard-to-find books. This iconic bookstore, established in 1971, has been a favourite haunt for book collectors and enthusiasts seeking out-of-print and vintage editions. The store specialises in academic books, rare titles, and second-hand treasures that attract bibliophiles in search of literary gems. Premier Book Shop's quaint ambiance and personalised service create a nostalgic and authentic book-buying experience.

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